My #EarnWithVite experience so far

  • Hi there, I'm kKagari.

    A brief history; I started crypto back in the 2018 craze with a bit of spare cash and...didn't make a whole lot out of it. Come 2021, I realized some of the coins left over still had value so I dipped my hands in all sorts of trading and...didn't make a whole lot out of it. You can probably see the pattern. Trading crypto is risky stuff if you don't have the stomach for it.

    But people say that failiure is the mother of success, and I may just have found it. I finally spent the time to learn about crypto and what made good investments. I'm still no expert, but Vite really jumped out at me. Low fees, and this 'staking' thing that wasn't around during crypto's.

    And not just any regular staking, regular staking is boring.

    There are many ways to stake using Vite. You can stake your Vite coins to improve your transaction speeds or you can stake it to acquire VX tokens. VX tokens is the proof of equity token native to the ViteX platform, its where you become a real stakeholder. And what do stakeholders get? Dividends. Dividends in sweet BTC, ETH, and USDT. The former two, at the time of writing are flaming hot assets.

    That's right, by staking Vite, you earn a coin (VX) that can earn you more coins (BTC, ETH, USDT). I have $350 worth of VX staked right now, which will see a return of $88 in a years time based on the current value of BTC and ETH. By staking Vite, you are rewarded with 3 other coins that can appreciate in value!

    Staking is truly addictive, I'm still doing small trades on the side, and I'm feeding my spare change to get more Vite and VX. When 2pm comes around, my daily dividends are rewarded to me, and seeing it increase daily brings a smile to my face.

    #EarnWithVite, plant a tree today!

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