VITE vs.. a comparison b/w emerging & popular crypto eco-systems - Inforgraphic

  • Hey all!

    I made this infographic particularly focusing on emerging and popular crypto eco-systems (both DAG and popular coins).

    I myself learnt a lot about the #ViteAdvantage while making this infographic. Thanks for the campaign @vitelabs !

    Infographic without Marketcap row, which could be used in the future:


  • EDIT/ UPDATE (27th May, 2021: 21:50 PM, IST):

    After publishing the original Infographic (available at the end of the post), received few suggestions regarding colouring marketcap, reasons for selection of coins and ordering them, a mistake reg. Nano's consensus to remove PoW and include only ORV. All were covered with this update.

    As already informed in the reply, I kept investors in view and felt that Vite's low marketcap should be highlighted. Vite has a lot to grow! Initially, I thought to compare the top projects, but decided to compare the emerging blockchains in a comprehensive manner, without leaving competitive counter-parts. Nowadays, DAG based coins are getting attention (NANO, IOTA, etc.). I paid 50-50 attention to both DAG based coins and the popular coins. That's why I chose to compare with NANO, IOTA, FANTOM (DAG-based) and BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, and SOLANA (popular and working eco-systems), which could be of use to use regularly in the social media. I felt comparison with DOGE, BCH, etc. is of no use.

    The following 3 models have been made finally:

    MODEL 1: (Marketcap Highlighted)

    First 4 coins are DAG based and the last 4 are popular coins, ordered as per their Marketcap, category-wise.


    MODEL 2: (Marketcap not higlighted)

    As suggested by u/87michi, changed Marketcap colours to Black.


    MODEL 3: Without Marketcap

    This could be of use to share the infographic at a later stage, when the Marketcap changes.


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