Vite Labs Achieved Strategic Cooperation with USDO

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    Vite Labs announces that it has achieved strategic cooperation with USDO (a stable coin) on February 2nd, US Eastern Time.

    USDO is a stable coin supported by commercial banks. The value per USDO is using US dollar as an exchange rate anchor and is fully backed by the equivalent fiat deposit secured in the bank. It takes 1 to 3 business days for customers to redeem USDO.

    Vite is building a high-performance decentralized ecosystem based on DAG distribute ledger technology. It is designed to support industrial-strength applications by offering high throughput, low latency, and scalability while also providing security, and allows common users to process transactions with no handling fee.

    Vite is devoted to offering a platform with stable performance, security, economic ability, expandability and ease of use for the field of blockchain applications, for example, bitcoin payment, decentralized exchange, financial service, games, and IoT.

    USDO is offering a reliable and stable exchange channel for Vite users between US dollar and the stable coin. Meanwhile, this cooperation is helping USDO expand its payment ecosystem.

  • Thats cool.More adoption incomming

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