Tenzor Capital: Supernode from Russia to Beijing to SF

  • Tenzor Capital: Supernode from Russia to Beijing to SF

    Supernode | Snapshot Block Producer | Community Builder

    In an effort to educate our community and newcomers about the Supernode and Snapshot Block Producer (SBP) program, Vite Labs wants to shine this week’s SBP spotlight onto Tenzor Capital. Our conversation with this all-star Russian team reflects the global nature of the Vite brand. It is our goal to inspire Vite enthusiasts to follow in the footsteps of teams like Tenzor, and continue expanding our SBP program on a global scale.

    Tenzor Capital is led by founder, Kirill Medvedev, and senior analysts, Daniil Ogurtsov and Maksim Mizerov. The Moscow-based team runs a venture capital fund with a focus on blockchain technology. In their search for promising investment projects, Tenzor discovered Vite Labs.

    In the words of Daniil, “Vite is both a sound token economic system and a good investment opportunity. There is incentive for both of our teams to deliver the best, thus bridging the gap between differences in our localities and languages.”

    (left to right) Kirill Medvedev, Daniil Ogurtsov, Maksim Mizerov

    From introducing Vite technology to university academia to publishing reviews of our token on their very own ICO listing platform, Tenzor has much to offer our community. Some ideas the team has for the future of the SBP program include expanding Vite’s presence in the Russia media and at local community events.


    • SBP Meetups
    • Tech/Investment Workshops
    • Blockchain Hackathons


    • Russian Press
    • Media Influencers
    • E-commerce Businesses

    We look forward to making these action-oriented propositions a reality in the Vite ecosystem. With global alliances in mind, we hope to see more friends from abroad hold presence for Vite in their own localities.

    What’s a Supernode? Got what it takes to be an SBP?

    Check out our article entitled Supernode 101 | Earn Vite Rewards Daily. This is a 4 minute read and all necessary information is provided. Take a look at our Node List for examples of existing SBP’s.

    Want Vite to Shout Out Your Team?

    If you identify as one of the profiles below, contact Luke Kim, our Chief Marketing Officer. We would love to hear your story and jam out on ways to collaborate! If you are a:

    1. Supernode Operator and/or SBP
    2. Builder of the Vite community and ecosystem internationally
    3. Developer on Vite

    We can support you in running community campaigns (e.g. subsidizing your token awards), in getting press and in organizing local events (e.g. hackathons and educational workshops).

    We will be highlighting various SBP’s and community leaders in the future. Stay tuned!

    Official: https://www.vite.org/





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