Bittrex Trading Campaign - Buy VITE on Bittrex to earn more VITE!

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    We are launching a Bittrex campaign for VITE fans! You will be rewarded VITE native coins for buying VITE tokens on Bittrex and converting them into our TestNet (this is similar to, but different from, another conversion campaign). As you may know, the VITE native coins will become liquid for trading as soon as our DEX (ViteX) launches. More details on ViteX will be released on our forum shortly.


    As of Jan 15, 2019, VITE ERC20 Tokens were listed on the premier exchange Bittrex! The exchange is well-known for rigorously screening coins for listing, and setting standards for integrity in trading volumes.


    1. You need to register on and purchase a certain amount of VITE tokens.
    2. Log into your web wallet, and withdraw the VITE tokens to the ETH address as indicated on the VITE conversion page in your web wallet.
    3. Convert the VITE tokens into VITE native tokens on our TestNet. Further instructions for steps 2 and 3 can be found here.
    4. Complete Google form below to officially enter this campaign.
    5. The Campaign will run from March 1 to March 31, 2019.

    Google form:


    • If your total eligible conversion is between 10,000 and 1,000,000 VITE (inclusive), you will receive 0.65% of your conversion as bonus
    • If your total eligible conversion is more than 1,000,000 VITE, you will receive 1.15% of your conversion as bonus

    Additional Notes

    1. You may participate as many times as you’d like. Make sure to complete the Google form for each time you participate.
    2. The bonus coins will be distributed on a weekly basis.
    3. Note that another token conversion campaign is running simultaneously. You will only be rewarded by one of these two campaigns. If you complete the Google form for the Bittrex conversion campaign, you will be rewarded according to the bonus chart above.
    4. Conversion of VITE tokens purchased prior to this campaign will not qualify for this campaign. However, they will qualify for the other token conversion campaign mentioned above.
    5. All rights reserved by Vite Labs.


    Vite Forum:





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