Full Node Rewards 2nd Upgrade

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    Since the first upgrade of our full node ecosystem, we have reached a total of 900 full nodes within Vite. In order to reach further scale, we are announcing the second upgrade of full node rewards and incentives!

    Current Full Node Rewards
    The original reward was approximately 5,000 VITE per day shared by supernodes. This amount of 5,000 VITE was equivalent to 30% of the mining rewards earned by the five Snapshot Block Producers (SBP’s) run by Vite Labs. During our first upgrade, we doubled the rewards to approximately 10,000 VITE per day shared by all supernodes.

    The last upgrade of full node rewards happened on 8:13 PM on January 17, 2019, in PST.

    Full Node Rewards After 2nd Upgrade
    The current reward level of 10,000 VITE per day will be increased by 30%, therefore, the daily rewards to be shared by all full nodes is 13,000 VITE. This amount is equal to 2.6 times the original rewards for running full nodes.

    The upgrade will occur on 8:13 PM on March 7, 2019, in PST.


    1. 5,000 VITE per day is the approximate value of rewards for running a full node, however, specific rewards will be calculated for each Snapshot Block Producer (SBP).

    2. In the TestNet phase of Vite, the mechanism of rewards will be adjusted according to the progress of technical development. Please pay attention to the Vite Forum for updates: https://forum.vite.net

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