Feedback to Wallet & Explorer

  • Dear Vite team,
    Using the wallet and block explorer i found a few things that I believe would be worth amending. Let me share some of them here:


    • I wish i could see all addresses at once

    • I wish i could import more than 1 seed in 1 wallet

    • I would like to have a desktop version and a documented command-line option (documented with few examples otherwise it's difficult to understand/use)

    • The use of PoS is unclear in the wallet and PoW should be run ahead of the operation(s) one wants to do on the blockchain

    • In the voting view, i would like to see the amount of Vite in total allocated to the SBP I've chosen (in addition to my votes)


    • I would like to get the same viz as in the wallet for the list of transactions of a specific address. Currently the explorer doesn't show amounts and provides a timestamp relative to now (e.g. 4 days) which is annoying to use

    • It would be nice to have unreceived tx together with received tx in 1 page

    • It would be great to have a full view of all nodes in the same way as the SBPs (other than an API call to get a JSON list)

    Maybe the points here are not easy to tackle or not worth to tackle, but they reflect my personal user feedback with the objective to serve the team.

    I'm sure there are many more things that could be considered on the road to making Vite the best native 2-layer cryptocurrency and dApps platform.

    Thanks and keep rocking!

  • 👍 👍 👍 good feedback

  • Vite make so good , I think . Some issue will be treated by team soon. We trust Vite

  • @sc_vite Thanks!

    Another thing that could be useful: we should probably see an 'emission' date and a 'confirmation' date for each tx in the explorer. Currently we only get confirmation/response date, which is less useful IMO that the emission/request date.

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