A Tutorial about How to Send & Receive a GRIN on Vite Mobile Wallet

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    ONE Send a GRIN via Https

    Send & Receive a GRIN via Https

    TWO Send a GRIN via Transaction Files

    Send a GRIN via Transaction Files
    Let's make it by Apple's Airdrop first and WhatsApp second.

    A. The sender clicks "Transfer" and it will skip to the B.
    B. The sender enters "Amount" and clicks "Generate Transaction File"
    C. After confirming, it will skip to the below picture. Then the sender clicks "Share Transaction File", you will have multiple choices, like Apple's Airdrop, or WhatsApp. Let's choose Apple's Airdrop first.
    D. Blackey ( the Receiver) will receive the file in his Vite wallet and Vite wallet will automatically process the file after clicking the "Accept". Then he needs to click "Receive and Share", and there will show a lot of interactive modes, similar to what displays on the Sender's wallet (yes it's me), and click Apple's Airdrop.
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    E. The Sender will get a pop-up like the below pic, and click "Accept". Then another confirmation is to broadcast on GRIN's nodes.
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    Yes, it is this simple, safe and swift! Yes, it is! Okay, let's have a look at how it happens by WhatsApp. (Blackey is sending them back to me 😁)

    A. Actually, the initials parts are very similar. Let's click "Transfer" and you will have three ways to complete a GRIN transaction in Vite wallet. And let's choose "Using Transaction File".
    B. Blackey enter an amount and click "Generate Transaction File"
    C. After confirming, the sender (Blackey) clicks "Share Transaction File". He has multiple choices, like through Apple's Airdrop, or through WhatsApp. Let's choose WhatsApp this time. He is choosing the contact - Nate (Yes, it's me 😅)
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    D. I ( the Receiver) receive the file in my WhatsApp, open it and send it to Vite wallet.
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    E. Then Vite wallet will process the file automatically and display it as "Received" and after I click "Share Transaction File" there will have multiple interactive modes as before and we choose WhatsApp and send it to Blackey.
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    F. Blackey receives the file and sends it to Vite Wallet. Vite wallet will tell Blackey that I have received the file and he should finalize and broadcast it to others.
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    G. After he clicks "Confirm", there is a pop-up in Vite wallet telling that GRIN has been sent successfully.
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    Instruction Video
    Youtube Video

    THREE Send & Receive a GRIN via VITE Address

    Send & Receive a GRIN via VITE Address

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