Vite Daily Update - Apr. 12, 2019

  • Vite Daily Update
    Friday, April 12, 2019
    Yesterday's Data
    ◆Market Performance
    VITE Price: US$0.025425| -5.40% (0.00015371 ETH | +0.97%)
    24H Volume: US$ 506,635 (3,063 ETH)
    Market Cap: US$ 10,555,585 (2,089 BTC)
    Market Ranking: 296 up 3
    Net Inflow into Exchange: US$4,200
    ◆Token Distribution (on base of 1 billion VITE)
    Circulating Supply: 33.90% | 0.00%
    TestNet Token Migration Raito: 66.10% | 0.00%
    Exchange Deposit Ratio: Bittrex 1.18% | +0.03PP, OKEX 13.19% | -0.02%
    ◆Network Size
    Vite TestNet Token Holders: 9,949 | +89   
    ERC20 Token Holders: 8,114 | 0
    Vite TestNet Daily Transactions: 1,174,032 | +21,586
    ERC20 Daily Transactions: 75,110| +32
    Vite TestNet Full-Node Number: 1,317 | -202
    ◆Marketing Index
    Social Media Index: 5|-67%

  • @Choeriswangqiji
    Hello, I am very new here but I have seen your posts so was wondering if you can help me? I am in The U.S. and no one around where I am knows about this. So I have only you to ask.
    I only have a little vite stacked but I don't know if I put the address from the SBP that I vote for in the beneficiary spot or is there a different address? If you can help me it will be very much appreciated thank you and I really am drawn to you guys I am really enjoying you service. I am learning and don't want to mess anything up so if you have any helpful advice I welcome that as well,
    Thanks again,
    Noah Moses Girard

  • @noahg Hi there, thanks for reaching. When you vote for some SBP, the address displaying on the top is exactly the one getting benefits.

  • Pls help me how doing on the task and vote, im newbie in this aplication, glad to your attantion

  • @Bambang
    Have you figured it out yet I am new also but I might be able to help out. I will assist in anyway I can.

  • @Choeriswangqiji when to join air drop sir

  • @ulin
    I joined about a month ago, it's still open I think on their telegram channel.

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