VITE.CASINO PROPOSAL / Vote for the SBP to get advantages

  • A new SBP is running for the first VITE on chain Roulette game:

    There is now a playing bonus for players and backers. If you vote for Vite.Casino, a fraction of every bet you make is sent back to you as a bonus with the result transaction.

    The maximum bonus for the biggest backer is 3% (for the moment). For example, a bet of 100 on Red, would give 203 for a win and 3 for a loss.

    The hedge from the house at roulette is 2.70%, it means that the biggest backer will actually have a positive expectation at the game!

    If the biggest backer votes with 100k and you vote with 50k, your playing bonus will be of 50 / 100 * 3% = 1.5%.

    The weight of the player is computed as the maximum of the three last past cycles, so you have to wait one day after starting to vote to be eligible for the bonus. You can check your current bonus for backers on the spreadsheet, as well as past bets and instructions: qr.png

    I am working on a website to host the roulette game, I'll keep you updated on!

    Have fun as always!

  • It's fantastic that there's a game bonus for players. I'll vote for White.

  • It's fantastic that there's a game bonus for players. I'll vote for White. And hopefully, the casino will give me some of the money back as a bonus along with the result of the transaction. That's the kind of selloff I like to play at the casino for. Because many casinos don't spare any bonuses or gifts for their customers, that's the thrill of it. I'm sure many casino players like me love getting rewards. That's why I prefer to play at a reliable casino that gives bonuses and has a wide variety of games, which is very important to me. Because in many casinos, the lack of choice makes me bored.

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