I need Help about FullNode

  • Hello community;
    I have a VPS on Amazon AWS, this is Ubuntu 16.04.
    I've been trying to establish a node for 3 days, but I can't.. I'm doing the following command.. I connect to VPS with PUTTY.

    STEP 1

    curl -L -O  https://github.com/vitelabs/go-vite/releases/download/v2.1.3/gvite-v2.1.3-linux.tar.gz

    STEP 2

    tar -xzvf gvite-v2.1.3-linux.tar.gz

    STEP 3

    cd gvite-v2.1.3-linux

    STEP 4

    nano node_config.json

    I changed just
    "Identity": "MyNodeNameBlaBlaBla",
    And then press "Ctrl O" then "Enter" then "Ctrl X"

    STEP 5


    STEP 6

    cat gvite.log

    And Check My installation on https://stats.vite.net/api/getAlivePeers
    but I can not find my NodeName there.
    what i am doing wrong ?
    is anyone using amazon vps here?
    Thank you...

  • The node config file you PMed me looks fine.

    What's the node specs? Also, what does the gvite.log say? Does it have the 3 success lines?

  • Also, check for your nodes here:


    I see your nodes started. Tried to sync but are no longer active. Looks to like you don't have the recommened specs for the full node.

    Note that at least 4 GB RAM is required.

  • @fonzie my amazon vps : 1 cpu 1 GB ram and 25 gb hdd.

    I think RAM is low for node.

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