[Superstar Election] Arabic Group - May 2019

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    2.1 Increase in new members
    2.2 campaigns that you launch
    2.3 Number and frequency of member activity within the group
    2.4 Articles that have been translated
    2.5 social media that published about Vite
    2.5 extra managing and Activities
    3- Report about bugs ,cheating on vite app
    4- in my life community and suggestions
    5-Future work


    The Arabic group has created since 11 April 2019 ,Vite was new to Arab crypto community ,there was no any post about Vite in all groups and Arabic telegram Channels. I start group with 4 members which they are VITE team .
    im responsible to solve and answer all questions in my group ,also making activities and task in order to attract crypt new members to Vite ,the budget spend until now for all activities and task 4090 vite .Telegram group 413 members ,vite Arabic face Facebook profile 631 friends and vite labs Arabic Facebook group 103 members those who can't join Telegram .16 articles on MEDIUM with over 550 viewed .


    2.1Increase in new members:
    To increase the new members the first step was introducing Arab community to vite ,for this reason I have created FACEBOOK account for vite ,then I have joined many crypto groups as shows in photo (1) the introducing has done by publishing daily in all those groups and and reply to all comments .also joined many crypto airdrop groups .
    WeChat Image_20190528121259.jpg WeChat Image_20190528121253.jpg WeChat Image_20190528121232.jpg

    1.Groups that for publishing about VITE

    2.2 campaigns that you launch

    1. To attract new members to our ARABIC group I have runed campaign as follow : let 10 new members join by them self to our group and get 10 vite for each new member . to avoid cheating and bot : there was rules . new user must join by him/her self and write in the group the same of person invited .they also must pm me ,to be sure it was a bot . tried to avoid a possible all cheating ways after this campaigns the group members became 315 as it shows in (2)

    (2)Group members after first telegram campaign ,in creased from 15 members to 315
    2.Run second telgram activity to

    I have runed second telegram activity invited 1 new member and got 1 vite , it had also many rules to join . but it has canceled ,due some some posted in english group with translation and no admin has delete it ,so it was possiblity that non ARAB join and use this activity offer . there results was 34 new members (attached file about campaign )

    Telegram group members now 413. and now preparing to make it bigger ther target 1000 new members ,,anti bot ,google fourm ...etc have been ready

    2.3 Number and frequency of member activity within the group
    I have run Facebooks task with name ‘ vite lab cars about all her user and due some user cannot join airdrop due of their old mobile we will run this activity for all and specially for whom cannot join airdrop . I have wrote a general article about vite and the task was to publish on their Facebook page for 24 hours and get 10 vite . the activity was for 3 days . which rules : must have minim 15 friends in friends list ,the post post be open to public not private . the must send photo ,Facebook profile link by private message to check .
    Same user can share for 3days , as in advertising take effect when repeated more then 2 times
    Must have minimum 10 Friends in friends list
    Result as follow
    Post share directly from vite Facebook page 110 times ,and other shared through medium link ,still sharing continue by its self with out any cost .


    1-Get 89 new members on fb

    2-Got 180 views and 69 read on MEDIUM

    4 Got 13 new members in Arabic telegram group

    2.4 Articles that have been translated
    I have translated and wrote personal articles about vite ,and combined many official article to one article depending on f.q until now 16 Articles and published on MEDIUM : links to my articles:














    2.5 social media that published about Vite

    In order to make vite on all social media , I have succed to put vite and vite logos on facebook pages with about total members 400000 followers with out any cost .

    published Vite in you tube channel of people whom i know ,with more than 1000 subscribers

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    2.5 extra managing and Activities

    I am also admin of English group and vitex exchange.
    I have created also Facebook vite labs arabic due Telegram is blocked in some counties

    3- Report about bugs ,cheating on vite app
    Due im also expret with softwaer ,I have tried all possibels ways to bypass vite app security and was reporting all the @Allenvit.

    Adding many vite address was confusing our members ,due it was by mistake may new address was created ,also reported to Allen .

    3-in my life community and suggestions
    Im introducing vite to all my friends and research and coworkers around me ,I have already invite 52 new users .

    One more thing: about adding other token address: i think it should be one word explain + . Vite app has many token address but no one ever asked to deposit some other token , seldom we get one question about it.this also has been reported to Allen

    5-Future work
    Make Arabic telegram group over 1000 ,running new activities ,new takes on YouTube crypto channels . and more activities will be launched on JUNE 2019

    Takes and activities Campinas ,which already done and sent their rewards

    Twitter/Telegram/Email/facebook Vite Address Post Amount

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