[Superstar Election] Vietnamese Group - May 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Vietnamese Group - May 2019

    Xin chào! Hello everyone!

    From: Bonita V with love ❤
    To: Vite Labs team members, Vite Labs community

    This is Bonita V from Vite Vietnamese.
    Guess what V in my name stands for? 😛 3 faster Vite-users answer this question correctly will be rewarded with 10 VITE Coin - you just need to reply your answer in this thread with your Vite-address!
    Due date after 12 hours.

    Quick warm-up, right? Now let's start with my report of May 2019 - Vietnamese group.

    I would like to report about Vite Vietnamese group activity for the last month as following key contents.

    • Community
    • Translation
    • Bounty program
    • My future plan

    1. Community
    1.1 On 31 May 2019, Vietnamese community number reaches 616, has been increased more than 70 people from the last month, with a lot of Vite-conversation. They come from Facebook group where I post calling them in; some crypto's group members, and of course, Vite's own aura -the products' quality and development.

    Their frequent questions are typically:

    • claiming airdrop
    • how to invite friends to download app
    • how to stake, what are the benefit of stake
    • how to vote for supernode
    • and is there anyone selling Vite Coin
    • what Vite is doing?
    • which exchanges VITE is listed on?
    • where is Vite team based?
    • what is Vite different from some projects
      => All questions are clearly answered and explained to our Vietnamese community in their mother tongue.

    The percentage of community age ranges from 20 to 45. They know VITE from friends, Facebook, Bounty/Airdrop website, Bitcointalk, and other Telegram discussion group.
    They come from different background: traders, traditional employees, doctor, businessmen, Vietnamese crypto community leaders. I am looking forward to bring in more coders here.

    1.2 How is the engagement in the community?
    There are some Vietnamese community knows about Vite quite clear, so they can answer questions from new comers in case I am not not online. There is another new-added admin in Vite Vietnamese also support me.

    New comers are always well-assisted, and there are useful links for them to review before raising questions. My plan is to make everyone know clearly about Vite products and be able to be the Vite-master themselves - Trive for it!

    1.3 What are the function they use the most in Vite app?
    Vietnamese tend to use High Roller game most in Vite app. They often share Vite bet result in my group and discuss about the bet. Some people DMed me asking if there is any chance to boost the bet number to 100 or 1000 VITE Coin? And yes, in the latest version of High Roller game, the bet number is increased. I think the High Roller developers heard my Vietnamese mates' voice 😄
    And as a function of an wallet app, sending & receiving VITE Coin peer to peer - there are a lot of compliments about /vi:t/ speed!

    Some people ask me directly about how to cheat Vite app, I was so surprised, but yeah, of course there is no way other than using your family's devices, introduce your friends about Vite Labs. They said they could easily cheated on other projects name is being hided; but for Vite app, cheating is impossible, the security level is unable to broken - I told them Vite Labs would love to reward for any bug reported. Ping me if you find it!

    2. Translation & Community building

    2.1 Vite Vietnamese Medium is created since 18th April 2019, link can be found here https://medium.com/vite-labs-vietnam

    There are key EN-VI translated articles posted there. I personally think Medium should be the place contains the most important information and feature of Vite Labs, that is why I am not widely translated and published all but selective ones. Vite Vietnamese Medium is where my Vietnamese community can learn more about Vite.

    For the on-going programs, I did translate and post directly to Vietnamese group.

    2.2 I made a tutorial video for new comers to learn how to create a wallet, stake, vote and claim airdrop.
    Detail here

    3. Bounty program

    3.1 There are small number of Vietnamese joining Bitcointalk program due to requirements, and not all are familiar with Bitcointalk, some platform doesn't work in Vietnam, they explained - I will collect more of their answers and report to propose to modify if needed.

    Vite is discussed everywhere on Facebook blockchain and crypto group, with the main content of buying/selling and referral program.
    My own Facebook account is a resource for Vite user (both local and global)
    you can connect me at Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/msbonitav

    4. My future plan

    I tend to make Vite more popular in Vietnam with the support of Facebook- a popular tool in Vietnam and a place more people hang out.

    A proposal of Vite Vietnamese bounty is being prepared and I am expecting to get approval and deliver as soonest as possible.

    I am working with Vite team and other admins on Vite Vietnamese, ViteX Exchange, Vite English, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    Now hit a like/follow to updates about Vite Labs!

    Vite Vietnamese: t.me/vite_vietnamese
    ViteX: t.me/vitexexchange
    Vite English: t.me/vite_en
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vite-labs-limited
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/vitelabs
    Facebook: fb.com/vitelabs
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/vite.labs

    See you there and stay tuned for the next report! 🌱 🌱 🌱

  • I think V mean " Vãi" in Vietnamese language

  • @bonita_v
    V trong việt nam 🇻🇳

  • @bonita_v
    V means “Vite”

  • any other ideas? :))

  • Thank you! @Tung69920532 @buplee See you guys more often here and there!
    @huydo your answer is incorrect ahehe

  • @bonita_v
    Thanks Bon nhé 😊

  • @buplee ớ dạ, bác ng Việt à hehe

  • @bonita_v
    Vầng, có trong group Vite Vietnam nè bác 😁. Từ bên ấy lạc trôi qua đây 😆

  • @buplee được đó, cơ mà bác là ai trên tele đó =))

  • Is it too late for an answer?

    I think V stands for 'very cute'.


  • @bonita_v hehe cos em nữa đây
    Em cũng không hiểu là gì nhưng nghĩ là V là Vite Vietnamese.

  • @bonita_v
    V, I think it mean ' Victory'

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