seed phrase

  • I uninstall vite mobile walle in my phone android because daliy bonus was not working,
    then i again re install , now i am not able to import my account always saying seed phrase wrong , but i am putting correct seed how to solve this issue please help me

  • SBP

    @shakeeb27 It means you're inputting the wrong seed words. Either you're typing it wrong (requires space after every word and 100% correct words) or you've written the words incorrectly initially.

    If you've written down the words wrong... would be extremely hard to find out which word(s) you've written down incorrectly. Best way to find out is but this is highly technical so might be too complicated for you.

    Regardless, don't think anyone can help you on this issue. It's your responsibility to write down your seed words correctly and to make sure it works/restores correctly.

  • In case anyone else has this issue, this happened to me using an older android device. It kept saying that my seed phrase was incorrect. I switched to a newer device and the seed phrase worked.

    Sorry for the necro, but this was the only thread that came up with a google search.

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