Problem - Awaiting Confirmation [Grin]

  • Hi,

    I use the Vite wallet on iPhone and send my mined Grin to it. I don't get every transaction "Confirmed", some are stuck in "Received" and is awaiting confirmation. The thing is that it's transactions from last week in May so they would be confirmed by know. Most of the transactions works so it's like random. How can I fix this - I got a fair amount of Grin stuck in awaiting confirmation.

  • @mininq7766 Hi there thanks for reaching us.
    Which way do you use to receive GRIN?
    Via transaction files or http address?
    I want to know more details.

  • @Choeriswangqiji Also please pm me your VITE address and your transaction ID.

  • The transaction you mentioned has been already sent to your GRIN wallet. The successful transaction ID is 465128e3-b073-4873-b3c8-08462e6ec9b5; The operated time: 2019-05-24 03:48:47: Please check it on the GRIN wallet by yourself.


  • For now receiving GRIN is only supported on iOS wallet. Please only log in iOS wallet to receive your GRIN.

  • Hello, i have some problem with mined grins on my iphone. In Transaction History i see Confirmed.. but is no grins in my Wallet.! grin2.jpg
    In History i can see Vite Gateway Collection (3fa83690-a4c3-48a2-bb3f-c7f818a0c6bd) is Confirmed. But on Vite Transaction Transfer (9520d3f3-06bc-433c-b370-41ab8bf9fac8) is nothing! I have requesteed for Resend- but i see only: "request gateWayReSend failed". I have deleted the App and reinstall it- but it is no better. grin1.jpg Sorry for my bad english, please can you help me?

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