Vite Pre-Mainnet Hard Fork Announcement

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    Attention all Vite nodes: the Vite Pre-Mainnet will have a hard fork at 11 pm PST on July 2, 2019.

    If you’re running a Vite node, please make sure to upgrade on time.

    Hard Fork Details

    The hard fork will begin at 11 pm PST on July 2, at which point the block height will be 3,848,471.

    You can find the upgrade link here:

    This hard fork, nicknamed SEED, will be the 1st hard fork since the launch of the Pre-Mainnet. The main purpose of this fork is to boost the integrity of random number generation (to make them harder to predict) for smart contracts.

    New Features

    In this hard fork, the SeedCount parameter will be added to ensure that generated random numbers are unpredictable. When creating a contract, you need to specify the SeedCount and ConfirmTime parameters of the new contract (only the ConfirmTime is specified before the hard fork):

    • SeedCount indicates the number of snapshot blocks containing the random number that have confirmed the request sent to this contract before the response is executed.
    • ConfirmTime indicates the number of snapshot blocks for which the request sent to this contract was confirmed before responding to that transaction.

    The contract response transaction must satisfy both SeedCount and ConfirmTime. If a contract is created before the hard fork, the SeedCount defaults to the ConfirmTime value after the hard fork.

    In addition, a new random number function will be added to support generating multiple random numbers with one command.

    Other upgrades:

    • By default, vmlog (ie event) is not saved. If you need to use vmlog for smart contracts, be careful to modify node_config.json before deploying the new version, and configure any of the following parameters:

    “VmLogAll”: true will save the vmlog of all contracts
    “VmLogWhiteList”:[“vite_d789431f1d820506c83fd539a0ae9863d6961382f67341a8b5”,”vite_000000000000000000000000000000000000000292292d996d”] means that only the vmlog of the specified contract is saved.

    • Event subscription will now support new transaction and pending transaction events for individual accounts.

    Well, what are you waiting for? Go upgrade your node!

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