[Superstar Election] Japanese Group – June 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Japanese Group – June 2019

    2.Increase in Number of Community Members
    3.Campaigns Held
    4.Translated Articles

    1. Introduction
    Translation, management, and running campaigns—I am doing everything by myself.
    However, members in the community have been actively helping out with translation and writing articles on a voluntary basis recently. I feel that we will become a great, close-knit community.
    The following is a brief report on our activities in June 2019.

    2.Increase in Number of Community Members:(Monthly changes since April)

    3.Campaigns Held
    6/15 From a budget of 10,000 VITE, 1,000 VITE was distributed to each of the 10 members picked by drawing lots.
    Qualifying conditions:
    ・Joined Vite Japan Telegram
    ・Following @ViteXExchange
    ・Tag the accounts of 3 friends and retweet
    Selection method:
    Accounts with more than 500 followers were selected from the qualifying accounts, from which the winners were drawn at random.

    Ad-hoc campaign: VCP is granted to community members who have made contributions through their active actions. For instance, I have personally sent VCP this month to a member who wrote an original article on FullNode as well as a member newly working on FullNode.
    We value tangible contributions more than the number of people.

    4.Translated Articles
    I am translating all the official Medium and Forum articles and announcements released by Vite and ViteX by myself.
    I will not go into details here as this includes everything.

    I have been participating in the Super Star Program since last month, but I think it is the duty of each manager to report on the activities of the community in their respective countries.
    If possible, I think it would be healthier for this to not be a race for awards, but instead a place for everyone to report on their activities with the presentation of awards being secondary.
    If I were to receive the prize money, I intend to give part of it back to my cherished members in the Japanese community.

    At the same time, I would like to say something else on this occasion.

    Even now, I have never felt the presence of our CEO, Charles Liu.
    So, I am wondering if he is actually a fiction.

    Jokes aside, July will be the month of ViteX.
    I look forward to working alongside everyone in the Beijing team, the Silicon Valley team, and the community managers to make Vite even better.💪 🤡

  • @Takeshi he is not a fiction 😆 he will sure to comment on this post @Charles

  • good job 👍 vite to moon ⚡

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