Grin V2.0.0 Will Be Supported on Vite Grin Mobile Wallet

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    Dear Vite mobile wallet fans,

    Vite Multi-Chain Wallet will halt services for GRIN on July 11 16:00 (UTC+8) for upgrading to Grin Wallet v2.0.0. After the upgrade, Vite Wallet won't support transactions from Grin wallet lower than v2.0.0.


    We will release the new version of Vite Wallet after the upgrade is done, and users should be able to download from App Store from July 12 (the exact time depends on when the new package will be listed). Please ensure to have your Vite Wallet updated to the latest version timely in order to continue to use the unique Grin mobile wallet provided by ViteLabs.


    A. For the balance during the upgrade

    Your balance is only related to your mnemonic words, and you can check your balance in any wallet (such as Grin command wallet and others) supporting Grin v2.0.0 with your mnemonic words imported.

    B. If GRIN received by Vite gateway during the upgrade

    If there is any GRIN received by Vite gateway, Vite gateway will keep your GRIN until the upgrade ends and send to you immediately after the upgrade. So, please do update your Vite Wallet to the Latest version right after its release, in case problems in receiving the transactions.

    C. For wrong balance after update:

    1. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version.
    2. Please make sure the full node connected is v2.0.0.
    3. Try importing mnemonic words and checking again.

    Should you have any problem please feel free to contact us.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Vite Labs

  • @Choeriswangqiji vite? Invisible not Tran1988😂

  • How do we get the grin and where is all other wallets, I am confused. If I try to stake 140. Vite and I have let's say 150 why is the 140 not retracted from that amount. Also I do have so many problems with this, it isn't working

  • @blaup Sorry I dont understand. You can mine Grin or purchase it on exchanges. You can hold your GRIN in Vite Grin iOS version. You can withdraw your 140VITE or 150 VITE on your VITE web wallet.

  • @Choeriswangqiji no I read that vite is supporting grin, then I asked how, and where do I find my wallet or the page that vite supports grin. About your second question, I am trying to use the "Petrol station" To claim my 10 or more vite ever 24 hours, but I can not stake any, I only with really hard work, and over 15 attempts to get just 5 Vite, also you have to put a minimum af 135 Vite to stake. And type your address in, I inserted my address vite_6bff620cd5cc804496374ba2f3283157642a810394304fcd72
    And what to set to 160 last time, again nothi g happens, I do not get the full vite, it has been like that for so long now, But Vite Don't do anything About all the Flaws I can see. Sadly for us Customers/Members 🧐 Not cool at all

  • @blaup Vite wallet in iOS version is supporting GRIN.
    2. Im sorry if you cant stake. Can you explain your action, like what you clicked. For example: I clicked VITE bar first...
    3. 134 VITE is the minimum limit to stake.
    4. You can check your staking status on web wallet and also withdraw your staking VITE on web wallet too.
    5. If convenient, please offer the screenshot.

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