ViteX Simulation Trading Competition

  • @anand when did you submit the form? we send test token once per day. you might be in the next batch, to make sure, please send me the ViteX, Vite address or the Telegram handle

  • @bonita_v thank you for your prompt response yes I submitted form today and then found as you said may in next batch. Once again thank you for replying.

  • @anand good

  • This post is deleted!

  • I also applied for the form yesterday.

    I have registered but not yet received balance in my account

  • @松山眞一郎 it is now a late reply but can you updated whether test token is sent to you or not?

  • Good job

  • That was not cool, when I try I get the massage site error, and it is the same every time I try. Now after over 15 retry I have give up

  • @Oleg said in ViteX Simulation Trading Competition:

    alt text

    We’ve got another contest for everyone! This time, we’re taking it a step up from just placing orders on ViteX. Now, the goal is to grow the your portfolio using virtual trading funds — the account with the highest returns wins! Alternatively, you can also use the VX mining feature (remember, trading is mining).

    This competition will be from July 12, 12:00 UTC+8 ~ July 24, 24:00 UTC+8

    1. All trading records on ViteX will be cleared on July 11, prior to the beginning of the event on July 12, 12:00 UTC +8. During this clearing process, transactions cannot be initiated.

    2. Until the end of July 24th, users who register on ViteX will receive virtual funds in the amount of 2 BTC and 100,000 VITE to use for the competition. These funds will be available on the day after the user registers. In order for to be considered, all participants must fill out this form.

    3. The goal of each participant is to grow the value of their virtual portfolio and/or mine VX via trading. In this contest, only VITE/BTC trading pair will reward VX. Other mining VX function such as staking or market making will not be available. (Updated!)

    4. With the exception of the initial virtual funds provided by ViteX, the only way that users can grow their portfolio is by initiating orders. Users will not be allowed to deposit or withdraw any funds to their accounts.

    5. Every 3 days during this competition, the ViteX team will post a list of the top 30 traders along with the top 10 VX miners so that users can see their rankings within the pool.
      ViteX reserves the right to interpret the event and deal with users who exhibit cheating behaviors accordingly.

    6. The final rankings will be determined at the end of the contest and results will be announced on July 25.

    ViteX reserves the right to interpret the event and deal with users who exhibit cheating behaviors accordingly.

    Additional Information:

    • After the event is finished, the transaction records and virtual fund balances will be cleared. However, the user information will be retained so that when the ViteX exchange goes live, the participants can use their accounts to trade on ViteX.


    Rewards for the Highest Portfolio Returns

    As long as an account address initiates at least one buy/sell order, it will be eligible for the contest. All the wallet addresses during the event will be ranked according to the BTC-equivalent value of their holdings (Updated!). For the top traders with the most valuable portfolios:

    1st place: 6,000 VITE + 200 VX
    2~5th place: 1,000 VITE +50 VX each
    6~10th place: 300 VITE + 20 VX each
    11~30th place: 100 VITE + 5 VX each

    Rewards for Top VX Miners

    1st place: 3,000 VITE + 200 VX
    2~5th place: 1,000 VITE +30 VX each
    6~10th place: 300 VITE + 20 VX each
    Note: VX rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the launch of VX mining. VITE rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the end of the competition. The ViteX official team will ask for the VITE wallet address to issue rewards.
    Again, all participants must fill out this form so that the ViteX staff can issue virtual funds and any applicable winnings.

    Happy trading!

  • Website is not available, so can't done that. Also the stake don't work and had not work for months now. I have written to you vite about this but nothing is fixed or I have not been compensated yet.

  • @blaup Hi, it works well for me. try to visit
    Staking for VX is not yet activated. May I know where did you write to us? We are on Twitter, Forum, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit and Discord. Emails won't work for customer service

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