[Superstar Election] Japanese Group - July 2019

  • Superstar Player, Japanese Language Group - July 2019

    1. Introduction
    2. Increase number of community members
    3. Implementation of campaign
    4. Translation of articles
    5. Other

    1. Introduction

    Implementation of campaign, translation and management. Everything is being done by one person. However, recently community members have been voluntarily helping out by translating and writing articles. The community appears to be warm and magnificent.
    Below is a brief report on the activities for July 2019.

    2. Increase in number of community members: (monthly transition from April)

    FullNode total number: 2→13→28→159

    3. Implementation of campaign

    7/15~7/30 Budget of 400,000VCP divided equally between full node operators
    ・Operation of full node
    ・Entry to be made by July 25th
    ・Entry can be made by sending PM to the admin (Display VCP address and name of node)
    ・Operation of node when there is confirmation of irregularity of implementation on numerous occasions
    ・Show screenshot for this month’s compensation history by the 27th
    Result of implementation:
    Number of new participants for full node has increased by five. Compared to the previous measurement, it has been confirmed that the number of full nodes has increased greatly.
    It was possible to converse with all the eco system contributors by having a PM sent using a telegram when making an entry. (This also means to confirm that the participants are Japanese.)
    Among the contributors, there were also people who showed interest in ViteX operator and super node and it was possible to check each identity.

    Implementation when necessary: Giving VCP to community members that have shown contribution through active conduct. For example, taking part in this month’s ViteX simulation trade competition, give VCP to each respective member that reached 6th place for the trade section and 5th place for the VX section.

    Since August is just prior to the launch of mainnet, implementation of large scale marketing is planned using specialist crypto media within Japan.

    The Japanese community places more importance on visible contribution rather than the number of people.

    1. Article translation
      Announcements and official Medium and Forum articles published by Vite or ViteX are all translated by one person.
      Each introduction is omitted since it includes everything.

    2. Other
      Donation to the superstar program will be made in the 3rd month.
      More so than receiving compensation, the monthly community report is considered a duty.

    ViteX launches in July and mining also commences in August.
    After this, the countdown of mainnet should perhaps start.
    Let’s all work together more than ever before as team members of Vite and lead project Vite to success.

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