[Superstar Election] Japanese Group - August 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Japanese Group - August 2019


    1. Introduction

    2. Increase in community members

    3. Implementation campaign

    4. Translated articles

    5. Other

    6. First of all
      Translation, management and campaign implementation. I'm doing all this by myself.
      However, recently community members have begun actively helping me by translating and writing articles. I think even if the number of people is small, we can build a higher quality team than any other community.
      I will now report on the activities from August 2019.

    7. Increase in community members: (Changes every month from April)
      Telegram: 25 → 210 → 286 → 352 → 340
      Twitter: 53 → 402 → 501 → 850 → 1030

    8. Implementation campaign
      Since we will hold a large-scale campaign in September before the main net launch, we intentionally didn't carry out the implementation this month.
      In September, we will collaborate with Japanese cryptocurrency media NEXTMONEY to plan media postings, advertising in LINE groups hosted by media, and podcast broadcasts.
      Also, on September 28th, they will hold a 300-person blockchain event in Tokyo.
      Community members and I will attend the event and promote Vite as much as possible.
      *I invited Chris and Luke but they declined.

    Implemented as needed: I am giving VCP to community members who have made active contributions. This includes the creation of original articles, useful proposals, challenges in new fields such as SBP and operators, and active promotional activities by members with more than a certain number of followers.

    The Japanese community values ​​visible contributions more than just the number of people.

    1. Translated articles
      All of the official Medium and Forum articles and announcements are translated by me.
      In August, I translated 11 Medium articles.

    2. Other
      This is my fourth month of contributing to the Superstar program.
      “Since I’m getting paid, I think it’s my duty to write a monthly community activity report.”
      I have continued to say this, but I am happy to implement this as a Vite CM Semi-Monthly Report.

    In August, Japan's first SBP was born. I will ask him to write an article on “How to be an SBP”, and give him VCP as renumeration. The aim is to encourage participation in SBP from now on.
    Articles created by professionals are easy for professionals to understand, but can be difficult for people to understand in general.
    However, articles created by community members are easy to understand even for beginners.
    In the future, for example, if a ViteX operator is born, he will receive VCP and create a “How to be a ViteX operator” article. This will increase the number of operators.

    When you give VITE, you make use of the other person's desire, but in the case of VCP, you can be active with a genuine sense of contribution.
    The name Vite Community Point represents everything.
    I think that using VCP to continue the cycle of contribution is the key to forming a substantive community, not the number of people.

    With individual efforts from all around the world, let’s work together with the entire Vite team to lead the Vite project to success.

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