New campaign: My ??? Uses ViteX Campaign is Now Live!

  • One of the benefits of building a decentralized exchange is that it can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone…or anything.

    Introducing the “My ??? Uses ViteX Campaign,” where ViteX users get rewarded for posting a picture or short video of an unexpected something or someone using ViteX!
    Get creative! Ideas include, but are by no means limited to: My Grandma uses ViteX, My Cat Uses ViteX etc…. Costumes are welcome (and even encouraged).

    The possibilities are endless, we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

    Duration of Campaign

    This campaign will last for 4 weeks beginning on Monday, September 16 at 12:00 AM PST and ending on Sunday, October 13 at 11:59 PM PST.

    There will be four rounds spanning the course of 4 weeks:

    Round 1: 12:00 AM PST September 16 to 11:59 PM PST September 22
    Round 2: 12:00 AM PST September 23 to 11:59 PM PST September 29
    Round 3: 12:00 AM PST September 30 to 11:59 PM PST October 6
    Round 4: 12:00 AM PST October 7 to 11:59 PM PST October 13


    • Each week, individuals can submit one entry during the times specified above. Please note that there should only be one submission per individual. Evidence of multiple submissions per individual will result in automatic disqualification.

    • Post a picture or a short video on Twitter of someone or something using ViteX. In order to be considered for rewards, the tweet must meet the following criteria:

    • Include the following tags: @Vitelabs, @ViteXExchange and #ViteXisForEveryone
      Include a short caption about why your something or someone is using ViteX OR why you like ViteX (again, feel free to be as creative here as possible). A cleverly written caption may or may not contribute to the overall likeable-ness of your post.

    • If you post a picture, it must be clear in the picture that the screen is displaying a page unique to ViteX. Additionally, the submission must be of an original photo. If evidence of photoshopping and/or other photo alterations is found, the entry will be automatically disqualified.

    • If you post a video, it must be no longer than 10 seconds in order to be eligible for rewards.

    • After you post on Twitter, you must also submit your entry on this Google Form by the end of the week. Tweets that do not have a corresponding Google Form submission will not be eligible for rewards.

    • BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY ON TIME. The cut-off time for each round will be strictly at the times mentioned above. If you submit your post after the cut-off time, it will not be considered.

    All entries will be judged by the Vite Labs team. The team reserves the right to interpret all final results.


    Total reward allocation: 2,500 VX

    Each week, the top 3 video and photo submissions with the most likes AND the top 7 most creative video and photo submissions (as determined by the Vite Labs team) will receive 50 VX each within 2 business days. AGAIN, PLEASE BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY ON TIME.

    • For example, submissions for each round will be accepted from Monday through Sunday. Winners will be determined and rewards will be distributed by end of day on the following Tuesday.

    At the end of the campaign, the Vite Labs team will choose their favorite submissions and the remaining 500 VX will be evenly distributed between those winners.

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