Accepting Proposals for a Revised VX Release Schedule

  • Deadline: Sunday, Sept 22 at 0:00 AM UTC + 8

    The VX mining function has been into its live trial phase for over a week now. By now, you should know that at Vite Labs, we're always thinking of ways to improve our products so that all our lovely users (that is, all of you) can be happy using our products and be proud of what you're supporting.

    This is the reason why we're collecting proposals for alternatives to our current VX release schedule and total supply. If you have suggestions for a different VX distribution + total supply plan , we'd love to know!

    Proposal requirements

    In order for your idea to be considered, your proposal MUST contain the following three things:

    1. You must provide a clear description of your modification/change to the VX release schedule as well as the proposed change (if applicable) in total VX supply.
    2. You must provide a clear explanation on the reasoning behind the proposal and why it is beneficial to the development of ViteX.
    3. You must be a current member of the Vite/ViteX community.

    How to submit a proposal

    This one's easy. To inform the team of your brilliant idea, please submit your proposal(s) here by Sunday, 0:00 AM (UTC+8) Sept 22.

    We value your opinions and look forward to seeing your responses!

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