[Superstar Election] Japanese language group – September 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Japanese language group – September 2019


    1. First of all

    2. Increasing community members

    3. Implementation of the campaign

    4. Translation of articles

    5. Miscellaneous

    6. First of all
      Translation management, planning, implementation of the campaign. I am taking care of all of those by myself.
      Well then, I will report on the activities of September 2019.

    7. Increasing community members: (monthly changes from April)
      Telegram: 25→210→286→352→340→444
      Twitter: 53→402→501→850→1030→510 (Rebuilding)

    8. Implementation of the campaign

    Before the launch of Mainnet, we have, in collaboration with NEXTMONEY, Japanese media specializing in cryptocurrency, implemented posting on media, posting of Vite related article on Twitter, YouTube Live broadcasts, etc.
    At the same time airdrops organized by them and lottery drawing were also carried out by them.

    Also, on September 28, I participated in a 200-person blockchain event held in Tokyo by them, and implemented a campaign to give a gift of 10,000 VCP to Vite Wallet adducers.

    What is also noteworthy, is that I negotiated with the organizer and have implemented VITE payment of the fees in the bar inside the venue.
    Overtaking the primary currencies of BTC, XRP, ETH, and LTC, VITE was the most used payment method at this event.
    It was victorious due to its zero commissions and fast processing speed.

    Many of the participants actually paid with VITE and enjoyed drinking cocktails while talking about VITE.
    Many Telegram community members also attended, and could deepen communication in an real-life location.

    Implemented when called for: VCPs are granted to community members who haave contributed by being active. This includes the writing of original articles, useful suggestions, the challenging of new fields such as SBP and operators, and active promotional activities by members who have a number of followers larger than a prescribed amount.

    1. Translation of articles
      In September, 10 Medium articles were translated.

    2. Miscellaneous
      In August, the first SBP in Japan was born.
      This Japan_Node is currently 20th.
      At the aforementioned event, I discussed with him the upcoming expansion of the Vite community.

    The japan community has the intention to create a virtual community rather than just simply aiming to increase the number of people.
    Furthermore, with the initiatives of all the communities in various parts of the world, more than before, let's guide the Vite project to a success with the cooperation of everyone of the Vite team.

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