GRIN not getting confirmed

  • I sent GRIN from Poloniex this morning, six hours ago using http. It appears Vite Gateway Collection received at 2019/10/29 11:17:50.
    There has not been any confirmations, shows 0/10.
    I sent to
    slate ID is 45382de7-2048-4454-80f7-4e41766012f6
    What did I do wrong?
    This involves 226 GRIN

  • Don't worry, we are checking it.

  • @parishollow 4bd0c0e3-b37a-4651-ad32-b8338fe80618-image.png please check the sender whether it has been send to the globle net. And who is the sender

  • It has been three days now. I just looked at my Vite wallet and see not only no Grin deposit but I see no attempt at a deposit now. It used to say "Transaction History"
    Received HTTP Address 226.3492 GRIN
    2019/10/29 17:17:50 Fees 0

    When I tapped on the transaction history another window came up:
    *Vite gateway has received the transaction, and will transfer to you after 10 confirmations.
    Actual Amount
    Vite Gateway collection
    Slate ID: 45382de7-2048-4454-80f7-4e41766012f6
    Received 2019/10/29 17:17:50
    Confirmed (0/10)

    It never made it to the first confirmation.

    Now my wallet shows not history and NO GRIN.
    I am very disappointed and as of now can not recommend this wallet to my friends who have GRIN to put somewhere.
    Please help,

  • Andrew, contact poloniex support on their page. I had the same EXACT problem a few days ago and poloniex told me that Vite Wallet does not support http withdrawal at this time (even though Vite provided me with an http withdrawal address ...IDK) and they/Poloniex redeposited my GRIN to poloniex. Great except I'm not sure where to send it now. Give that a try - good luck.

  • @parishollow said in GRIN not getting confirmed:


    Poloniex's customer service made a mistake. Vite Android wallet doesn't support GRIN yet but Vite iOS wallet does. If you can see your HTTP address, your wallet is ready to receive GRIN. For the recent issues of transferring GRIN from Poloniex to Vite wallet, we've found the txs were received but not confirmed. (Usually you need have 10 confirmations but in these cases we see 0). The issue may result from post failure of tx receipt at the exchange.

  • Thank you Valley75 and Allen. I am using an iOS iPhone 8. I can see my http address which is the one I used. I will contact Poloniex today to see what they can do. I still see 0/10 confirmations.

  • Oh yes, Valley, where do we put it now?

  • @parishollow
    Poloniex refunded all my GRIN! Said Vite wallet doesn't accept http address. Hmmm, where do you think I got the address? Anyway, they got them back for me and now I am sending them to Kucoin.
    You can put your Grin in the Kucoin exchange for now.

  • @parishollow interesting I may move it to Kucoin - I was looking into the Niffler wallet to store GRIN but haven't tested it. I also have iphone 8 and I'm using a VPN ... saws videos that said sender & receiver have to have a direct contact to send & receive GRIN so wondering if my VPN confused the handoff. I think firewalls & port forwarding can interupt the handoff so I may go back and test the smallest amount of GRIN with my VPN off as I would rather not leave it on an exchange. Are you using VPN also by chance ? Glad Poloniex redeposited your coins 🙂

  • @Valley75 I am not using VPN yet. Might do that later though for more security.

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