[Superstar Election] Japanese language group – October 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Japanese language group – October 2019


    1. First of all
    2. Increasing community members
    3. Implementation of the campaign
    4. Translation of articles
    5. Miscellaneous

    1. First of all
    Translation management, planning, implementation of the campaign. I am taking care of all of those by myself.
    Well then, I will report on the activities of october 2019.

    2. Increasing community members: (monthly changes from April)
    Telegram: 25→210→286→352→340→444→455
    Twitter: 53→402→501→850→1030→510 (Rebuilding)→838

    3. Implementation of the campaign
    Currently, the Japanese community is conducting an article creation campaign.
    The aim is to encourage the creation of original articles by community members, share them, and lead to learning within the community.
    Rewards are paid by VCP, and the amount of reward is determined by quality and volume.
    Next month

    4. Translation of articles
    In october, 8 Medium articles were translated.

    5. Miscellaneous
    SBP Japan Node, established by a member of the japan community in August, is currently in 10th place.
    It continues to expand dramatically.
    He is plannning to established an exchange specializing in OTC with the approval of the Financial Services Agency.
    He is a wonderful member.

    In the future, the Japan community will increase the number of active members and expand the scale.

    The japan community has the intention to create a virtual community rather than just simply aiming to increase the number of people.

    Furthermore, with the initiatives of all the communities in various parts of the world, more than before, let's guide the Vite project to a success with the cooperation of everyone of the Vite team.

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