Transactions list restructure proposal

  • Hi,

    1.) Reduce from 6 letters to 4 letters for each column (Hash, Snapshotted by, From, To)
    Example for hash column: from a1ea53...199120 to a1ea...9120
    Example for "From/To" columns: from vite_86f729...28ace9 to vite_86f7...ace9
    2.) Reduce the space to half between Type and Status columns
    3.) Remove the confirmations column
    4.) The columns will look like this:
    Hash -> Type -> Status -> Snapshotted by -> Age -> From -> To -> Quantity -> Token
    IMO Confirmations column isn't important to be shown in the transactions list. This feature can be checked by clicking the transaction hash from Hash column.

    Reasons for this change:
    1.) It will be clearer for anyone to check informations about a transaction
    2.) It will fit (probably) in the page without using the horizontal scroll bar
    3.) It will be easier to check a certain transaction by knowing the first and last 4 letters (this is what most of the people are looking for). If someone will want to check the entire transaction hash, he would do so by checking the page of that transaction.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, we are sharing this with our frontend engineers.

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