Dividend Pool and Distributed Value questions

  • What exactly are the numbers for "Dividend Pool" and "Distributed Value" n the ViteX main page: https://vitex.net/

    Dividend Pool: does it represent the current non-distributed values or all total (distributed + not distributed) since the beginning of the exchange?

    Distributed Value - is this the value that was already distributed and will not be distributed anymore?

  • @vroder

    Dividend pool: total TO BE distributed dividends that will be distributed over 100 day period.

    So if today is t=0. On T+1 the distributed dividends are 1/100 of the dividend pool of t=0. The pool becomes value t=0 x 0,99 + transaction costs (btc, eth, usdt) of t+1

    Distributed value:
    The dividends that all distributed already. Bear in mind that a few weeks ago the dividends also contained vite dividends.

  • Thank you for the explanation!

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