[Superstar Election] Japanese language group – December 2019

  • [Superstar Election] Japanese language group – December 2019


    1. First of all

    2. Increasing community members

    3. Implementation of the campaign

    4. Translation of articles

    5. Miscellaneous

    6. First of all
      Translation management, planning, implementation of the campaign. I am taking care of all of those by myself.
      Well then, I will report on the activities of Dec 2019.

    2. Increasing community members: (monthly changes from April)
    Telegram: 25→210→286→352→340→444→455→(2 months)→431 (Banned about50spam accounts)
    Twitter: 53→402→501→850→1030→510 (Rebuilding)→838→(2 months)→1133

    3. Implementation of the campaign
    Binance Listing Voting Campaign
    Budget 5000VITE 28000VCP
    ・ Has 50 or more followers
    ・ Tweet to promote voting to VITE
    ・ Tweet at least once a day during the voting period
    ・ 5000VITE will be distributed among campaign participants
    ・ VCP is given according to the tweet number ranking during the period
    ・ Use the prize VCP on the ViteStore and tweet the delight when the acquired goods arrive

    11participants , total of 76tweets were run.
    Most of them had more than 500 BNB, so it also contributed to the actual number of votes.

    4. Translation of articles
    In Dec, 8 Medium articles were translated.

    5. Miscellaneous
    A big harvest was the unity of the Japanese community through the Binance voting event.

    In addition, a new SBP called TokyoSBP was born.

    In 2020 there will be new participants due to entry into the VitePay and Defi fields.
    It will be important to get them in smoothly and increase their understanding of the new product.
    I will work on creating articles that are easy for beginners to understand.
    And, as I did before, I would like to focus on actual use and demonstrations at cryptographic events.

    Thanks a lot for all the support in 2019.
    Let's work together in 2020 to expand furthe!👐

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