Vite Plus Donation Platform: A Prototype to Track Donations for Fighting COVID-19

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    Many individuals and organizations have kindly provided donations of funds and products to those affected by the ongoing endemic in China. However, the public has almost no visibility into the historical quantity of such donations, and in the case of products, a pipeline and whereabouts of these products. In the last few weeks, Vite Labs prototyped a tool to take the first step towards solving this issue.

    The problem

    • There is no aggregated, verified and tamper-proof data for both donated funds and products
    • There is no real-time visibility of the location of donated products during transportation

    The solution

    • Allow donors to upload the data for their donated funds and products, such as target entity (e.g., Local Red Cross organization), donated amount (or quantity for products), target address (products only), pictures and description of the donated items (products only), et.
    • Upon user upload of donated products data, programmatically verify with partner logistics companies about details of such items. Collect real-time location data of donation shipments from logistics companies.
    • Upon user upload of donated funds data, allow bank partners to audit such data.
    • Store all data on a Vite Plus-enabled blockchain (Consortium chain).

    Current status

    • The prototype of Vite Plus donation platform allows users to upload donation data and stores it in a tamper-proof blockchain. It is now live at Note that, because this tool is meant for Chinese users, it displays Chinese only, and users must have a Chinese mobile phone to upload data.
    • The next step would be partnering with logistical companies and banks to provide ability to verify donation data prior to its entry on the blockchain.



    We look forward to discussions with potential government and business partners in taking advantage of the Vite Plus Donation Platform. We hope to leverage blockchain’s unique features in the fight against the epidemic.

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