Vite Bi-weekly Report April 1–15, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report April 1–15, 2020


    Recent Milestones

    On April 15, Vite announced a supernode hosting campaign with our partners Ankr, a leading distributed computing sharing solution. Ankr developed a one-click solution for running Vite nodes for Vite community. This campaign with Ankr is aimed at improving the operations of the Vite network. Check details here:

    In order to encourage community developers to build Vite ecosystem together, on April 3, the Vite Foundation has voted for the first batch of SBPs. All voting rewards are owned by the SBPs. The first batch SBPs are:, VGATE, Bi23, and XS_Fund.

    News of VX mining:

    • On April 1, ViteX opened trading as mining and market-making as mining for pair ANKR / BTC pair. 3X market-making as mining was available for a week.
    • On April 8, ViteX started 2X market-making as mining for pairs EOS / BTC, GRIN / BTC, GRIN / ETH, ATOM / VITE, and BSV / USDT for a week.
    • On April 15, ViteX started 2X market-making as mining for pairs BCH / BTC, VX / VITE, and BTC / USDT for 2 weeks.

    System Developments
    Vite Wallet V3.6.0

    Vite mobile wallet will have an important upgrade. In previous versions, the ViteX exchange built into the wallet used an embedded H5 page. The loading speed and trading experience were not ideal. In V3.6.0, we will use the Native page to re-implement the ViteX exchange. After the upgrade is completed, the user experience of ViteX will be greatly improved. This upgrade will integrate the most important products in Vite ecosystem — public chain, multi-chain wallet, and decentralized exchange. It will also lay a great foundation for future iterations. This version has already been tested and is expected to be released in late April.
    Development Tools
    We have re-integrated multiple basic libraries and SDKs for Java developers and unified them into the ViteJ ( ViteJ encapsulates most functions of the Vite public chain. The code organization is clearer and the interface is more friendly. It provides more convenient development tools for Vite developers.

    ViteX Exchange

    In the past month, we conducted a comprehensive test of the ViteX beta API and found several problems. For example:

    • Continuous order placement was likely to cause the Vite account chain to fork, resulting in the failure of the next order placement;
    • Partial order query results were incomplete; in some cases, the result of the cancellation order were returned inaccurately;
    • The logic of canceling orders was inconsistent, and the logic of order IDs was not uniform;
    • The Proto Buffers protocol for serialization in the WebSocket interface was not friendly to developers;
    • The API documentation was not clear enough.

    In response to these problems, we upgraded the ViteX built-in contract and ViteX API as belows:

    • Optimized the logic of placing / retrieving orders, and linearized the order requests of the same user;
    • Modified the WebSocket serialization protocol to a more general JSON;
    • Uniformly used the hash of the order request block as the order ID to ensure that the order ID can be obtained at the time of order placement;
    • Further improved the development documentation.

    After the upgrade is completed, we will fully open the ViteX REST API and WebSocket Streaming API to the community. Users can self-apply for API Key on the exchange page to develop their own strategic trading program. In the future, we will also integrate the ViteX API with popular open source frameworks (such as CCXT []), and provide some basic strategic trading code samples. After the API is opened, it can effectively attract more strategic traders and market makers to enter the ViteX ecosystem, greatly increasing the liquidity of the ViteX exchange.

    We are refactoring the code of the ViteX cross-chain gateway and will open source in the near future. The new version of Open Gateway will highly abstract the interfaces of different blockchains, provide better “Blockchain Agnostic”, and reduce the dependence on the database. After the gateway is opened, the development difficulties for ViteX third-party gateways and operators will be reduced.

    The Vite Labs gateway will continue to integrate new type of cryptocurrencies including: Litecoin, Tron, Monero, Tezos, etc.

    We re-planned the ViteFi (DeFi on Vite) project and completed the design of the first phase. The previous solution was mainly for Vite SBP and ViteX miners, and only supports the borrowing of VITE coin. Based on the feedback from the community, we decided to expand the usage scenarios, and initially planned to open deposits and loans for VITE, BTC, ETH, and USDT.

    Official Website

    We are in the process of updating official websites of and to facilitate new users to quickly understand Vite’s products. We position as the official website of Vite Labs, is the entrance of Vite public chain products, and is the entrance of ViteX exchange. We plan to integrate the information scattered in different domains into the above three domains, and no longer use,, and others. This will improve the efficiency of traffic and make it easier for users to obtain key information.
    At present, the upgrade work of has started. After the upgrade is completed, users will see a more comprehensive introduction of Vite public chain products on the homepage of, including products developed by the community.

    Community building
    On April 9, Vite COO Richard gave an AMA in the English telegram group, and answered questions about ViteX promoting plan, hardware wallet integration, gateway code open source, etc.

    On April 10, Vite Russian community manager Oleg gave an AMA in the OKEX Ukrainian group, and answered questions from members of OKEX community.


    Morgan Jones, Vite’s business development manager in New York met with Matthew Washington, deputy head of Manhattan in New York. Morgan presented Vite current solution and how blockchain applications could be used for public good.
    Vite COO Richard released a new episode, invited a former leader from Cosmos and the co-founder of the Near Protocol to discuss the future development path of public chain, including blockchain interoperability and developer attraction.

    ViteX Official:
    Vite Forum:

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