Vite Bi-weekly Report July 1–15, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report July 1–15, 2020


    Development Achievements

    Vite App
    Vite App v3.7.3 is released on July 14.
    New features:

    • Two more order entries added to order book from 10 to 12.
    • Address indexes added to “My Address” for Vite and Ethereum assets to facilitate address distinguishing.
    • Reminder of trading suspension. If the operator suspends a certain trading pair, users can see a message on the trading page and cannot place new orders. Canceling existing orders is still allowed.

    ViteX Exchange
    New features and enhancements:

    • Decimal place display optimization for order price and quantity, to avoid some rendering errors on the trading page and improve order book aggregation.
    • New function to exchange stablecoins with zero fees. This feature will be launched in August.
    • The source code of ViteX Open Gateway is released to facilitate third-party gateway development by operators. The open gateway is implemented on top of Spring Boot and - MySQL, and provides the cross-chain mapping function of assets on Vite and on other blockchains. The current version is 0.1.0. Stay tuned for more upcoming improvements in subsequent releases. (Repository link: — Connect to preview)

    Desktop Wallet
    Vite Desktop Wallet v1.3.25 is released, in which most enhancements are complete according to comments and feedback received from the community since the desktop wallet launched last month.

    Installation link:

    Recent Milestones

    Vite Roadmap Updates
    Based on our evaluation of the industry, experience of exploration and practice, also in combination with results of the community survey, we have made several adjustments to the Vite roadmap that will shift our focus to better expansion of Vite ecosystem and large-scale application of Vite public chain in real-world use cases. The new roadmap will build around the public chain, the App, and the decentralized exchange, with Open Finance and DeFi application scenarios being the points of penetration and focuses of product development and operation promotion. The key is to make the Vite public chain a commonly used chain and make Vite products easy-to-use products so that the Vite ecosystem will carry greater value, satisfy a wider range of needs, and attract more users. Find out more here:

    Vite and Binance Collaboration on “Register and Trade” Campaign
    From July 3 to July 10, Vite and Binance collaborated to hold a “Register and Trade” campaign on with prizes of 380,000 VITE and 5,000 USDT in Futures Vouchers.


    Vite COO Featured at Binance Off the Charts Virtual Conference
    Vite COO Richard Yan spoke at Binance Off the Charts Virtual Conference on July 14th as one of the panelists. The discussion was on Emerging Applications for Blockchain and Crypto.


    Watch the panel discussion:

    VITE Burn Over 20,000,000
    Since the community voted to burn VITE coins in the dividend pool in October 2019, as of July 8, a total of 20,028,050 VITE coins have been burned.

    Sources of VITE coins for burning:

    • Token issuance fee on Vite Chain
    • ViteX trading fees in VITE
    • ViteX referral code payments
    • Fees to open trading pairs on ViteX


    ViteX Exchange

    Operator VGATE listed XMV MoneroV
    On July 13, ViteX Operator VGATE listed XMV MoneroV, a fork of Monero, and opened XMV/BTC trading pair.

    MoneroV fulfills the long overdue desire for a truly anonymous, decentralized, finite peer-to-peer electronic currency. Individuals and businesses can transact securely, reliably and anonymously with low fees using MoneroV.


    Data on VITE and VX

    • As of July 15, 20,315,862.55 VITE have been burned through ViteX, accounting for 2.03% of total issuance.
    • 120,765,820.98 VITE are staked on ViteX, accounting for 12.07% of total issuance.
    • 8,940,185.73 VX have been released, of which 8,193,988.99 VX (about 91.65%) are being staked for dividends.
    • To-date, 75.4 BTC worth of dividends have been distributed. The pool of undistributed dividends stands at 30.1 BTC.

    Our COO Richard published a new episode of the Blockchain Debate Podcast, with the topic “Scaling is impossible without sharding or layer-2 solutions.” The guests were Solana’s CEO Anatoly Yavovenko and independent blockchain consultant Georgios Konstanopoulos. The debate was co-hosted by Tarun Chitra, CEO of the Gauntlet, a blockchain simulation platform.

    This podcast series helps Vite Labs export our brand and output thoughtful content for the industry. You may listen to all previous episodes here: And you are welcome to follow Richard here:

    Our COO Richard ran a new AMA for the international community. See transcript here:。

    The questions followed these themes:

    • New roadmap
    • Plans for listing new coins on ViteX
    • Pace of software development

    The team of core community managers had an internal hangout meeting, and came up with plans for new community campaigns.
    For instance, ViteX has started a campaign to recruit an ambassador. He or she will run video AMA series with projects listed on ViteX. You may apply here:

    The community campaign for coin-listing has also started.


    Please add your suggestions for new coins here:


    ViteX Official:
    Vite Forum:



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