Vite Bi-weekly Report Aug 1–15, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report Aug 1–15, 2020


    Development Achievements

    Vite App
    The latest version 3.7.5 was released.

    New features and enhancements

    • Added “Transaction Status” to the ETH transfer page. Currently, three transaction statuses are supported: Unconfirmed, Pending, and Confirmed.
    • Support unconfirmed transactions on the ETH transaction details page.
    • For ETH transactions sent to oneself, the amount is changed to gray color for users to recognize.
    • New token-switch dropbox on the asset transfer page, simplifies the steps of switching tokens.

    Bug Fixes

    • Removed the two redundant “-” in candlestick charts.
    • Fixed mnemonic phrase restore error when using uppercase letters.

    ViteX Exchange
    The new feature of “friction-less stablecoin conversion” is in progress and will be launched in early September.

    The eligible trading pairs will be identified with a label of “0 Fee” on both the Vite App and the web wallet. Tradings on these pairs do not charge any fees. In the meantime, users can even mine VX by providing liquidity.

    ViteX is the first DEX to provide decentralized stablecoin conversion with zero fees. Three stablecoin pairs are expected to be present in September, stay tuned.

    Desktop Wallet
    New desktop wallet version 1.3.27 was released.

    New features and Enhancements

    • Improved user experience of Vite Connect. In the case of reloading the wallet by a user, the connection will be auto re-established if the Vite App is still connected.
    • The cumulative depth is displayed when user moves the cursor over a placed order.

    Recent Milestones

    ViteX Exchange

    Operator VGATE listed Robonomics Network(XRT)

    On Aug 3, ViteX Operator VGATE listed XRT Robonomics Network, and opened trading pair XRT/BTC.

    Robonomics Network is a set of open-source packages for Robotics, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 developers.


    Operator VGATE listed Flama (FMA)

    On Aug 7, ViteX Operator VGATE listed FMA Flama, and opened trading pair FMA/ETH.

    Flama is the first deflationary token on the market which is ready right now to build decentralized applications with enhanced features such as staking.


    Operator Vite Labs listed Handshake (HNS)

    On Aug 13, ViteX Operator Vite Labs listed HNS Handshake, and opened trading pair HNS/USDT. The trading pair is eligible for market-making as mining on ViteX.

    Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with DNS where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing certificate authorities.


    Technology Series
    On August 7, we published the 7th article of the Tech series which explains how ViteX achieves decentralization.
    Read here:

    Vite Ecosystem Incentive Plan
    In order to further motivate and incentivize participation of both existing and new capable teams from our community to build together a more decentralized Vite ecosystem, Vite Labs is releasing Ecosystem Incentive Plan 2.0. The plan is designed to support developers in various ways such as staking for SBPs, voting, and allocating VITE rewards. We are currently finalizing details of Plan 2.0 and designing specific tasks, suggestions and opinions are encouraged and much appreciated.

    Data on VITE and VX

    • As of August 14, 21,543,910.32 VITE have been burned through ViteX, accounting for 2.15% of total issuance.
    • 113,836,785.95 VITE are staked on ViteX, accounting for 11.38% of total issuance.
    • 10,076,046.26 VX have been mined, of which 9,056,767.81 VX (about 89.88%) are being staked for dividends.
    • To-date, 95.5 BTC worth of dividends has been distributed. The pool of undistributed dividends stands at 31.8 BTC.


    Chinese Community AMA
    On August 5, Vite CPO Blackey Hou held a live video AMA with the Chinese community, where he discussed Vite’s fifth hard fork, the future positioning of Vite in the area of Open Finance, and comparison with other projects in the DeFi space.
    You may watch the replay here:


    International Community AMA
    Vite COO Richard ran a new Telegram based AMA for the international community. Members of the community asked questions regarding our marketing strategy, plans for coin listings on ViteX, and development of dApp on Vite. Detailed responses to all these questions can be found here:


    ViteX Ambassador Selection
    All candidates for the ViteX ambassador contest have submitted their videos where they each interviewed a project listed on ViteX. The community voting is now underway. You may vote here:

    The Blockchain Debate Podcast
    Vite COO Richard recorded a new episode of the Blockchain Debate Podcast. The theme of the debate is: “Blockchain analysis firms are bad for Bitcoin.” The guests this time include Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer of Human Rights Foundation, and Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace, a blockchain analysis firm.

    Blockchain analysis firms assist the government in tracing on-chain money flows of criminals, and help financial institutions such as digital asset exchanges build out internal management systems that are compliant with local laws.

    This podcast helps Vite Labs export its brand to the world, and provides fruit for thought for the industry.

    All podcasts can be found here:

    You’re also welcome to follow Richard’s Twitter account here:


    ViteX Official:
    Vite Forum:



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