Vite Bi-weekly Report Sep 1–15, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report Sep 1–15, 2020


    Project Updates

    Vite App
    A major Vite App update, v3.8, is under development and will be released soon. The new release will have a significant user experience improvement close to centralized exchanges.

    Vite App v3.8 will have the following new features and enhancements

    • Improve the layout of asset page. Replace “My Account” with “Exchange Asset”, which is sub-categorized into “Wallet Account” and “Trading Account” to facilitate users to check asset portfolio;
    • Move the “Account” page to the upper left corner of the app;
    • Separate “Wallet” and “Exchange” to avoid confusion. In the previous version, users can view “Wallet Asset” and “Exchange Asset” on the homepage, and switch through in a secondary tab opened. The new version will only display “Wallet Asset” on the homepage and “Exchange Asset” will not show up anymore;
    • Enhance connection performance. Improve the data loading speed on slow internet.

    Desktop wallet
    New Vite desktop wallet version 1.4.2 was released, with security optimizations.

    Compared to the web wallet, the desktop wallet has more strict security settings and is recommended for use.

    Installation link:

    ViteX Exchange
    New features and enhancements

    • Hummingbot ( — Connect to preview ) integration. After the integration is complete, you can run a trading robot through Hummingbot for strategic trading or liquidity mining on ViteX.

    Network Optimization
    Recently, we have carried out an important network upgrade to Vite’s websites and API services under and, to improve connection performance and prevent large-scale DDoS attacks. The optimization includes:

    • Optimized network routing and improved the access speed from major countries in the world;
    • Deployed CDN services to improve the loading speed of static resources;
    • Enabled caching to reduce API latency and prevent from DDoS attack;
    • Added firewall rules against DDoS attack.

    Recent Milestones

    ViteX Launching One-Year Anniversary Dual Campaign


    In celebration of mining on ViteX reaching its first-year anniversary, we launched two mining-related campaigns on Sep 9. Users will receive 10X mining rewards during the event and have a chance to get a free ViteX referral code.

    As of Sep 9, total amount of mining exceeds 10 million VX, and users have received proceeds of 96 BTC, or roughly 1 Million USD.

    Vite Techie Club


    To expand our global tech community, we have launched a “Call For Vite Techies” campaign. We humbly call for community developers to work with the Vite dev team and participate in all aspects of development in the Vite ecosystem, including the Vite public chain, wallets, ViteX exchange, SDKs, tools, and more.

    We are absolutely delighted to welcome the 20 developers from our global community that have joined the Vite Techie Club so far.

    Vite Techie Forum will be held regularly online for everyone interested in Vite tech. The Opening Forum, discussing the decentralization of ViteX gateways, will live on Sep 22. Let’s create something cool!

    Vite Tech Series

    On Sep 9, we published another educational material of ViteX tech explorations, also the 9th article of our Tech Series, that focused on the execution process and interactions of ViteX smart contracts and the user.

    ViteX Exchange

    ViteX Launched Minable, Feeless Stablecoin Conversion


    Starting Sep 3, users can trade USDC/USDT, DAI/USDT, BUSD/USDT pairs with 0 trading fees, mining eligible.

    ViteX Listing Arweave (AR)


    On Sep 9, ViteX Operator Vite Labs listed Arweave(AR) and opened trading pair AR/USDT, market-making as mining eligible.

    Arweave is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to store data, preserve valuable information, apps, and history indefinitely.

    Data on ViteX

    • As of Sep 14, 23,091,652 VITE have been burned through ViteX, accounting for 2.23% of total issuance.
    • 119,910,726 VITE are staked on ViteX, accounting for 11.99% of total issuance.
    • 11,183,727 VX have been mined, of which 9,405,217VX (about 84.09%) are being staked for dividends.
    • To-date, 101.2 BTC worth of dividends has been distributed. The pool of undistributed dividends stands at 31.6 BTC.



    On September 9, Vite CPO Blackey Hou held a live video AMA with the Chinese community, where he discussed the one-year anniversary of the launch of mining on ViteX.

    You may watch the replay here:


    COO Richard ran a new AMA for the international community. Main questions answered include: the types of coins suitable for listing on ViteX, proposals regarding VITE un-staking, how ViteX can maintain its advantages, and comparison of ViteX against other DeFi projects.

    You may read the AMA summary here:

    COO Richard’s show ”The Blockchain Debate Podcast“ has published 15 episodes since it was started at the end of 2019. Topics include digital gold attribute of cryptos, practical use cases of smart contracts, usability of enterprise blockchains, sustainability of liquidity mining, and so on. This show is a way for the Vite team to build relationships with other thought leaders in the space.

    Some topics being planned include central bank digital currencies, central bank policies such as Modern Monetary Theory, and legitimacy of stablecoins. Recommendations of topics from the community are welcome.


    ViteX Official:
    Vite Forum:



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