ViteX One-Year Anniversary Dual Campaign Winners

  • List of winners:

    vite_4d0109 ********** f99070ac
    vite_873f5a ********** b4f7e2ab
    vite_2edbfa ********** d91a0e9e
    vite_df68ad ********** 45b4715f
    vite_27e434 ********** 8a96528e
    vite_1a6926 ********** b5f2946e

    Dear winners,

    In order to receive the rewards, write me a personal message on Twitter ( with your full vite_address. Also you should make a retweet of this, with your thoughts about ViteX and tag at least three contacts on twitter. The one, whose retweet gets the most likes will receive a T-shirt from us as a souvenir 🎁.

    Thank you all for participating!

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