UPNP support for vite node

  • Hi guys,
    I setup a full node in my VirtialBox, but it seems unstable sometime, not sure if it's related to NAT issue.
    My setup:
    Internet Modem - AP - Laptop - VM(hosting a full node).

    I checked the connections using netstat -anlp |grep "8483|8484", i saw only my VM connecting other node, no incoming connecting connected to my VM port 8483|8484.
    Would like to know:
    1, the impact for such setup as no other node could connect to my VM
    2, what will it help if enable upnp to pass through the NAT.


  • Normally, this wouldn't be a big problem as long as your node has connected to a bunch of peers - it could be worse if peers are few. Is there a firewall? If so you should configure to expose the ports.
    You can configure the NAT manually on your VM.

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