• What are your plans to attract efficient partnerships which will directly use your ecosystem. By this question i'm strictly referring to those partnerships which will in fact use VITE for their product rather than using VITE for gaining attraction. Most partnerships that we see today are just for "hype" and nothing more. There are no evidences that those partnerships will actually benefit both sides. How will vite avoid such scenarios ?

  • @super We have been approached by 20+ projects to form partnerships of all kinds. But as can be seen from our operating history, we are very cautious when it comes to picking partners, precisely to avoid cosmetic alliances that ultimately have no real output.

    The types of partnerships we’re pursuing will help execute our plan for adoption, as mentioned in this post.

    To reiterate, these partnerships will be in areas including, but not exclusive within payment, exchange, and public sector.

    As a side note, on the last point about serving the public sector, our CMO is currently at the US city of Syracuse, discussing with the city officials, scoping out how tokenized economy can be helpful to the town. We are hopeful something useful will come out of that discussion.

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