Question 2

  • When other SBPs will join discord and talk about their intentions for vite ecosystem?
    Months have passed and there are still no intentions from them to join discord or any channel to be able to talk to them.

  • @super I agree that we need more active participation from the SBPs. Note that a significant number of our SBPs are from Russia or China, and donโ€™t have the language skills to engage in real-time or lengthy communication. But our team is discussing the best ways to address your concern (as youโ€™ve probably seen, we released the SBP
    Inventive plan and did receive participation from some active SBPs). We should be able to provide a better answer to you in this thread.

  • @Richard_Yan the language barrier is not that big. They can always speak their native language and can interract with people who speak the same language. It's more about their presence in the discord group so we can see that they have interest ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think that if we want to have a healthy ecosystem (not just tech) we need to have them in the group too. To me, it doesn't matter that they don't know english or other international language, they can build an ecosystem surrounded by people who speak their language.

  • Yes, we are debating the possibility of reducing the barrier to becoming a supernode. This will get more participation. In any network, there will be active members and not-so-active members. But by having a larger pool, the absolute number of active contributors should increase.

    Do note that a number of the Chinese SBPs do engage in active discussions in the Chinese section of the forum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SBP

    Community projects and community SBPs will follow VITE marketing and adoption. It is quite normal that for now, at this early stage, SBPs are ran by VCs that hold the supply. There is more than 347m VITE to swap... and the cost to run a SBP is 1m (for the mainnet). To create a SBP, there is no barrier. Imo, no need to reduce the barrier. Big holders still have largest part of their VITE in erc20, because it is the only way to trade it.
    We have to wait for the mainnet, when the supply will be more exploded, and when vite products will be live. Community projects will come when project will be more mature.

    Until that time, you can vote for SwissVite ๐Ÿ––

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