Vite AMA- Question on Loopring DEX

  • While we all understand that DEXs currently suffer from a lot of issues particularly in user experience and Liquidity. I will try to act as a devil's advocate here and put it very blatantly, Loopring is probably among the worst (much worse than IDEX or Etherdelta) in terms of order filling times and user experience.

    So, I want to ask the Vite team what enhancements will they bring in Loopring DEX that will overhaul/transform the current Loopring as we know it? Are you guys fairly confident of transforming the user experience for Loopring when it launches on Vite? Can you share what developments on Loopring have been made until now?
    Basically what I am trying to understand if Vite thinks that it can infuse life into an otherwise largely dead DEX.

  • We appreciate your concerns about our DEX implementation. Vite DEX adopts maker-taker model for order matching. Loopring is not implemented at this time cause considering at the beginning phrase of DEX there won’t be a large number of orders and pairs. And Loopring only shows its advantages when many orders are waiting to be matched in different pairs. When Vite MainNet launches, we still may consider to bring Loopring on-board once situation fits.

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