It is interesting example with cryptocurrencies that showcases the challenges around taxes, citizens' rights and the role of a tax agency. This is a new emerging field, so old rules and regulations can't just be applied directly to cryptocurrencies. And certain countries around the world are further along than others. And we are still seeing the old guard trying to fight crypto and blockchain partly. So it's a bit tricky to have an open and fair discussion around it even. But for me when the IRS are planning to "The IRS also plans on serving subpoenas to collect bank, credit card, and Paypal records. These records should be analyzed to determine if any payments in or out went to parties that can send or receive crypto", ( then it showcases how absurd the situation can be. And how far away the Gov and the citizens are from each other. And then you question shouldn't there be greater clairity about the role of a tax agency, and how they should showcase a greater understanding and inclusion to feedback from us, the crypto holders. So in regards to your question areas I reckon we can expect little but demand more. Greater understanding, communication and inclusion.