A Tutorial for GRIN Miners

  • For all the GRIN miners out there looking for an easier way to move your hard-earned tokens, look no further. The Vite Wallet now supports fast & easy GRIN transactions.

    1. Download the Vite Wallet (if you haven’t already)
    Simply search “Vite Wallet” on the App Store or download it straight from our website here: https://www.vite.org.

    2. Set up your account
    Create a password, spend 30 minutes memorizing your seed phrase, etc…etc… See here for a detailed Vite Wallet 101 article.

    3a. Receive GRIN using an Http Address
    Open up your Vite Wallet and hit the “GRIN” bar. Then, choose the "Receive" option. Hit the "Http Address" button:


    On the following page, you'll see something like this:


    You will need to copy this exact Http address onto your mining pool's payout page so that you can receive the transaction.

    Now, go to your mining pool payout page and paste the http address. And...that's it! Your GRIN will be received shortly.

    *Please note that prior to 10 confirmations, the transaction status will be marked as "Received". After 10 confirmations, the transaction status will change to "Confirmed" and your wallet balance will officially change.

    3b. Receive GRIN using a transaction file
    If you prefer to use a transaction file, the Vite wallet can open files sent through email, text & Airdrop. First, create a transaction file on your mining pool website. Send to yourself using whichever method you prefer. Open up the message or email that you attached the transaction file to and open it with your Vite Wallet app:

    Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 5.21.45 PM.png

    Once the file has been opened, you'll need to click "Receive and Share":

    Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 6.02.42 PM.png

    Share this file with your mining pool and you will receive those tokens in your Vite wallet after the mining pool processes the confirmation file. Once your mining pool confirms receipt of the file, the transaction will be sent. Again, after 10 confirmations, the transaction is fully complete.

  • Hello everyone, find the instruction of how to transfer GRIN through transaction file in Vite Wallet.
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