Vite Bi-weekly Report - April 16~30, 2019

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report

    April 16~30, 2019

    Recent milestones


    • On April 16th, the ViteX beta version was launched. Click on this link to check out our DEX. We will be providing test tokens so that you can simulate a real trading experience! Instructions can be found here.
    • On April 23rd, the ViteX round 1 voting results were announced. Based on your feedback, the following changes will be implemented: 1) Vite X will have transaction rate fees of 4% and 2.5%, 2) an additional 10,000 VITE staking quantity to reduce fees by an additional 1% and 3) staking duration to become a ViteX VIP will be 30 days
    • On April 25th, the ViteX shared pool voting results were released. Based on the results, ViteX will be setting up a shared dividend pool with a daily distribution rate of 1%.

    Binance Info

    • On April 20th, Vite officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative to provide users with trusted and reliable information on crypto projects. We obtained a “V” label certification, which means that the content shown on the project page will be personally updated by the Vite team.

    Wallet Updates

    • On April 22nd, the Vite iOS 2.1.0 wallet was officially released with support for: 1) GRIN transactions, and 2) wallet referrals. You can now share your referral code and win up to 68,000 VITE. More details on this campaign here.
    • On April 24th, the Android Vite wallet app update was released with the wallet referral function.

    System Developments


    The Vite Pre-Mainnet is still under testing. The engineering team is hard at work to:

    • Debug the upcoming Pre-Mainnet.
    • Optimize the contract address.
    • Add support for contract quota and third-party staking.
    • Add a new function to facilitate quota status inquiries in third-party staking situations.
    • Map out product migration process to the Pre-Mainnet.

    And last but not least:

    • Java-SDK Pre-Mainnet adaptation is complete. The corresponding code can be viewed on GitHub.

    Vite Wallet App


    • Vite Wallet iOS 2.1.1 was released with new features supporting GRIN and wallet referral program.
    • Vite Wallet Android 1.5.0 version was released with support for the wallet referral program.
    • Pre-MainNet iOS SDK adaptation was completed.
    • Fixed bugs in the built-in DEX
    • The ViteJS 2.0.0 document was completed: (

    Under development:

    • Development for the iOS in-Wallet one-click token conversion feature is 20% complete.
    • Continued optimization for in-wallet GRIN transactions. After optimization, the wallet will support queries for transaction progress as well as transaction type
    • The development of Android 2.0 ETH wallet is 20% complete.
    • Android Pre-Mainnet adaptation is in progress.
       The Android 1.5.1 version has been tested and is ready for release.
    • The development of ViteJS 2.1.0 Pre-Mainnet adaptation is 90% complete.

    Official Website & Block Explorer

    • We’re revamping our official website. It is now 95% complete. We can’t wait to show you the new design!
    • The block explorer adaptation to Pre-Mainnet is 30% complete.


    • The first phase of the SyraCoin project back-end has been complete.
    • The demo version of the SyraCoin iOS App was developed and is under review.


    • Continued optimization of the performance back-end services including data storage, request consolidation, and long link protocol optimization.
    • The exchange contract adaptation to Pre-MainNet is 20% complete.
    • Cross-chain gateway registration services have been completed.

    Community Building

    • Two weeks ago, Vite launched a global community expansion initiative. We asked our community members who were interested in becoming Vite community managers to apply. We’re happy to announce that the recruiting process has been completed — thank you to all those who showed interest! Links to the new telegram groups can be found at the end of this article.
    • As you all know, we launched the Vite mobile wallet referral program on April 23. In addition to the basic referral rewards, the top 50 addresses with the most referrals will receive extra prizes. Details can be found here.
    • Back in March, the Vite released a puzzle campaign on Twitter. The campaign was finished on April 16th —congratulations to @PogoB for being a puzzle master and winning 24,000 VITE!

    • Last month, we began searching for Indonesian speakers to help us translate our wallet app. After a strict screening process, the translators have been selected. Stay tuned for a Vite wallet update that will support Indonesian.


    On April 20th, Tong Wang, Director of Operations of Vite Labs, was invited to participate in the China Blockchain Application Research Center Director’s Meeting. During the meeting, the directors discussed successful applications of blockchain and how to increase public awareness of blockchain technology.



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