[Superstar Election] Japanese Group - May 2019

  • [Super Star Elections] Japanese Group – May 2019

    1. Introduction
    2. Increase in New Members
    3. Campaigns Organized
    4. Translated Articles
    5. Others

    I created the Japanese community when Luke and Chris invited me in April 2019.
    It was because I had won a prize in the V-Day campaign.
    Takeshi: “Almost no one knows about Vite in Japan. Are you not creating a community?”
    Chris: “Do it yourself.”
    That was how this came about.
    From translation, management, to organizing campaigns—I do everything on my own.
    However, members in the community have actively taken the initiative to translate content and write articles recently, which has been a great help. I believe that we will become a warm and amazing community.
    As I have already said what I had wanted to convey, I will give a brief overview below.
    The details below only pertain to the month of May, since it is the norm to give a monthly overview.

    2. Increase in New Members
    Telegram: 25→216
    Twitter: 53→419(No cheat、No bot)
    FullNode 3→14 
    (Ratio of fullnodes to telegram community members.
    Compare this with the data of each country.
    It is the result of me and a group of volunteers.
    We have repeatedly told everyone about the creation
    and construction of fullnode related articles.)

    3. Campaigns Organized
    5/18 With a budget of 10,000 VITE, we distributed 100 VITE each to 100 people.
    ・ New Telegram members only
    ・Followers of @vitelabs
    ・Members who have joined the Japanese version of Telegram
    To apply, members had to post screenshots of their wallet address and of them joining Telegram in the comments section of Twitter.

    Ad-hoc basis 1. ALIS tokens obtained here for posting translated Vite articles on ALIS (Japanese version of steemit) were given to community members when they voluntarily create an article.

    Ad-hoc basis 2. VCP was given to community members who have made contributions through their activity. For instance, designs from two members of the Japanese community were in the second round of the logo vote on ViteX. I sent VCP to both of them personally.
    The same applies to members who were awarded bug bounty on ViteX.

    We value tangible contributions more than the number of people.

    4. Translated Articles
    All articles and announcements from Vite or ViteX have been translated by me.
    Since it is literally everything, I will not discuss them individually.
    Also, I have created 6 original articles in the past, but none in May.
    In May, there was an article on full nodes that was written by a member of the community.

    5. Others
    The reason I joined the Super Star Program is not because I wanted any individual recognition.
    If I do win a prize, I will give part of it back to the members of my beloved Japanese community.
    I think that all the managers in the various areas should report on their operations on a monthly basis.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say something else.
    Thank you, Luke and Chris, for inviting me to Vite.
    I am also grateful to Juliet for always creating articles that are simple and easy to understand.
    Thank you, Allen, for your generosity whenever I approach you personally to discuss things.
    Finally, I am grateful to everyone in the core manager group, who always give their everything for the future of Vite.

    Thank you very much!

  • Thanks Takeshi for the enthusiast and professional work 😄

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