Vite Bi-weekly Report - May 16~31, 2019

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report

    May 16~31, 2019

    Recent Milestones

    • On May 21st we began the transition from the Vite Testnet to the Vite Pre-Mainnet. As of May 22nd, our Pre-Mainnet is officially live. This version of go-vite shares the same core functions as the Mainnet (expected launch in Q3!).
    • As a small thank you to all our community members who waited so patiently while we updated the Testnet, we doubled the airdrop rewards from May 22nd to May 24th.
    • On May 24th, the official ViteX Exchange Logo was selected. Big thank you to our community member C. Luo for the logo — please be on the lookout for your 200,000 VCP reward!

    • On May 28th, the ViteX round 3 economic model voting result was announced. We adjusted the fee model to a base fee of 0.2% for all users. Staking 10,000 VITE will make allow traders to reduce the base fee to 0.1%. Additionally, Vite’s decentralized exchange will feature a ViteX Operator role — more information can be found here.

    System Developments


    • On May 22nd, the Vite Pre-Mainnet migration was successfully completed.
    • The VS Code Smart Contract testing plugin released version 0.3.1 and is compatible with the Pre-Mainnet.

    Vite Wallet App


    • Vite Wallet iOS version 2.2.0 is now available for download.
    • Released ViteJS 2.1.2-alpha.1 version. This version has been adapted to the Pre-Mainnet and has updated transaction-related functions.
    • Optimized ViteJS packaging, testing & documentation.

    Under development:

    • Android V2.1.0: adding in-wallet token conversion function and an automatic mnemonic prompt to enhance security, fixing a bug that sometimes results in the ERC20 generation balance to be zero.
    • iOS wallet: adding in-wallet token conversion function and support for GRIN transaction status queries.
    • Web wallet: revising and adapting DEX API. The new version 1.8.0 combines wallet and DEX asset management. Development is complete and has entered into the test phase.

    Block explorer

    • Updated to be compatible with the Pre-Mainnet.


    • Improved cross-chain gateway documentation to enable third parties to implement gateways based on cross-chain documents.
    • Smart contract infrastructure is now compatible with the Pre-Mainnet.
    • VX mining and dividend distribution functions are 40% complete.
    • Currently working on Pre-Mainnet adaptations for: analysis of token minting time, abnormal orders, and deposit and withdrawal records.
    • New DEX API was completed and has entered the test phase.
    • Development of the ViteX java SDK is 20% complete.

    Community Building

    • In the days leading up to the Pre-Mainnet launch (May 20–22), we released one poster per day and asked our community members to help us spread the word on Twitter. The top three tweets with the most retweets of each poster were awarded 1000, 700, and 500 VITE.

    • We launched another campaign! This time, we’re trying something a little different. If you have 10,000+ fans on Twitter or 5,000 + subscribers on YouTube channel, you can be a part of our new Diamond Bounty program. For more information, check this link here.


    • On May 17th, Vite COO Richard Yan attended a blockchain event held by Plug and Play, a well-know Silicon Valley incubator, as a panelist where he discussed topics relating to decentralized finance.




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