Vite Bi-weekly Report - June 16~30, 2019

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    Recent Milestones

    • On June 19th, the new ViteX logo was officially announced. The final design was based on ideas contributed by our community which were then iterated upon by our in-house designers.
    • Airdrop update. Since the Vite mobile wallet airdrop began, we have had over 100,000 wallet downloads. In order to help users better understand the Vite ecosystem, we have added TWO simple tasks that users can choose to complete (in order to maximize their daily rewards) in the latest Android and iOS versions (2.1.3 and 2.3.1, respectively). The earlier versions of the wallet app will no longer support airdrops.
    • Vite Pre-Mainnet hard fork. On July 3, our Pre-Mainnet will have a hard fork named SEED. This is the first hard fork since the launch of the Pre-Mainnet. The main purpose of this update is to improve the unpredictability of smart contracts random number generation. For more details, check out this post here.

    System Developments

    Go-vite v2.2.0 upgrade was released → this update implements the SEED hard fork. The main functions are detailed below:

    • The SeedCount parameter is now supported in smart contract writing. Contract execution now supports N blocks with random numbers, which enhances the unpredictability of the random number.
    • Added a random number generation function to support generating multiple random numbers in a single contract call.
    • Event subscriptions supports new transaction and pending transaction events for individual accounts.
    • Full node does not save vmlog by default; the specified contract vmlog is filtered by configuration.
      The compiler released a new version 0.4.3 that supports generating multiple random numbers in a single contract call.

    Vite Wallet App


    • ViteJS released version 2.2.0. In this version, abi int bug was fixed; utils checking function was added; client added custom transaction type and decode data function.
    • The Android 2.1.2 version now features updated airdrop rules.
    • The iOS 2.3.1 version now features updated airdrop rules.

    Under development:

    • Android app support for ETH gateway 60% complete.
    • Vite Bifrost server and web development 80% complete.
    • iOS 2.4.0 undergoing testing to support Ethereum cross-chain gateways.

    Block Explorer

    • Added support for contract code uploading, verification, and display in version 1.4

    ViteX Exchange

    • The operator dividend, mining and invitation functions have been developed and have now entered joint testing phase.

    Community Building

    • From June 19th to June 24th, ViteX ran a test order creation lottery campaign. Each day, we randomly selected two accounts that placed orders to win 500 VITE rewards. The two accounts at the end of the campaign with the most transactions receive 1,500 VITE and a Vite anniversary T-shirt. You can find the results of this campaign here.
    • On June 21st, Vite CSO Chris Li released a thought piece sharing his interpretation of Libra’s technology and future challenges. You can read about it here.
    • During the month of June, we held a diamond campaign on Bitcointalk. Thank you to all the participants — we are in the process of checking the submissions and will distribute rewards soon!


    • On June 19th, Vite CMO Luke Kim gave a presentation about Vite and the SyraCoin project at the Vault for a delegation of business students from the HWZ Management School in Zurich.
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    • On the evening of June 27th, Vite Labs held its first Value Coin Club event in San Francisco. The purpose of this meetup is bring together Silicon Valley blockchain practitioners who are interested in exploring undervalued projects and discussing better ways to identify such projects.
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