Vite Bi-Weekly Report July 1~15, 2019

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    • On July 3, Vite Pre-Mainnet launched its first hard fork, nicknamed SEED. The main purpose of this upgrade was to improve the smart contract’s ability to generate unpredictable random numbers.
    • On July 5, we added a built-in function allowing developers to upload their DApp smart contract code (as an additional option to uploading it separately onto Github).
    • On July 11, we released Android wallet v2.2.1, which now includes cross-chain support for sending and receiving ETH and ERC20 tokens on the Vite chain.
    • On July 11, we burned ~3M VITE coins in order to keep the total circulation around 1 billion VITE as we near the Mainnet launch. For more details, please check this article here.
    • On July 13, we released iOS wallet v2.4.0. The new version supports ETH and ERC20 token cross-chain deposits and withdrawals and the latest GRIN 2.0.0 hard fork.


    The new 2.2.1 version further optimized the node network synchronization logic to improve the efficiency and stability of the ledger synchronization.
    Organized quota collection standard.
    Designed and developed the dynamic quota schemes.

    Vite Wallet App

    • Iteration of Android v2.2.0 and v2.2.1. The latest version supports ETH and ERC20 token cross-chain deposits and withdrawals.
    • iOS 2.4.0 development was completed. The new version supports ETH and ERC20 token cross-chain deposits and withdrawals as well as the latest GRIN 2.0.0 hard fork.
    • The Vite Connect back-end function has been developed and tested.

    In Progress:

    • Android v2.3.0 Vite Connect development progress 30% complete.
    • Android users airdrop analysis and research is in development.
    • ViteJS 2.2.5 bug fix. CreateContract was updated.

    Block Explorer & Gateway

    • The Grin wallet gateway was updated to support the latest Grin 2.0.0 fork.
    • The block browser v1.4.0 added new contract code uploads and displays.

    ViteX Exchange

    • Staking as mining, trading as mining, user dividend distribution are now ready for the beta version test.
    • The ViteX Operator transfer of rights, trading pair listing, and profit distribution functions have been completed and entered the testing phase.
    • The referral as mining function has been completed and tested.
    • Deep consolidation, push of the latest transaction, order change push, data warehousing function developed and ready for testing.

    In Progress:
    The review of order-matching mining function has been completed and development is underway.


    We had a slew of SBP AMA’s recently! Thank you to the SBPs who led them as well as all those who attended:

    • July 2 — Kavin from dragon_vite
    • July 8 — Yuqi Jin from Vite NO.1
    • July 15— Mr. Dawei from

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    July 12, the ViteX Simulation Trading Contest was launched. Participants will receive initial virtual funds of 2 BTC+100,000 VITE to trade on ViteX. The address with the biggest portfolio returns wins! The first place prize is 6000 VITE+200 VX. The contest ends on July 24, so it’s not too late to register — for details, see our Medium article here.


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    • On July 12th, Vite SBP SwissVite representative Jean Luc visited Vite Labs Beijing office and had an in-depth conversation with Vite team. We are looking forward to building the Vite ecosystem together with SwissVite!

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