Vite Bi-Weekly Report July 15~31, 2019

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    Recent Milestones

    • On July 30th, 11 AM UTC +0, ViteX was officially launched! In just a half an hour post launch, the number of users exceeded 5,000. If you haven’t checked it out yet — you can do so here!
    • On July 22nd, HashQuark officially became one of Vite’s supernodes. HashQuark is a Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider that is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based HashKey Group. We hope to leverage their experience in chain management and node operation to promote the Vite ecosystem and improve network performance.
    • On July 26th, we successfully launched a second hard fork named SPROUT to support the launch of ViteX.

    System Developments


    • The new version now supports dynamic quotas which improve the overall stability of Vite transactions.
    • Hard fork SPROUT was a success.
    • Built-in contract multi-level cache development and testing in progress to improve data synchronization efficiency.

    Vite Wallet App

    • Android v 2.3.1 was released. New features include: support for ViteConnect, the revoking of staked coins, cross-chain transfer of ERC20 tokens, and improved scanning code speed.
    • iOS v 2.5.2 was released. New features include: support for ViteConnect, USDT (ERC20) cross-chain deposit and withdrawal, and all contract calls of ViteX.
    • Web Wallet 2.5.0 is now available. This version supports gateway and DEX-related functions.


    • Gateway access framework was released.
    • Optimized the collection of ETH and ERC20 assets.
    • Released BTC, USDT, and GRIN gateways.
    • Optimized inter-node automatic switching process.

    ViteX Exchange

    • DEX dividend distribution, referral as mining, trading pair management functions developments were completed and are now under testing.
    • Development for referral and market-making as mining functions are 10% complete.
    • JavaSDK development started and test cases were added.
    • Adjusted and verified the exchange transaction fee.
    • Development of auxiliary functions including the timer access and configuration of coin minting information, was completed.

    Community Building

    • The ViteX simulation trading contest ended on July 24th. During the event, ViteX had over 20,000 orders. VITE rewards have already been issued to the winning users and the VX will be issued two weeks after the mining function is live.
    • On July 25th, Vite COO Richard was featured on BlockchainBrad’s YouTube channel as part of his BlockVera Deep Dive series. In this hour long interview, they discussed all the ways in which Vite’s technology is improving, from the lessons they learned from Cosmos regarding interoperability and using multiple public blockchains, their exploration of industries like ecommerce and DeFi, to of course, the ViteX launch. You can find the interview here.
    • On July 30th, Vite COO Richard, CMO Luke, and Engineering Director Allen hosted an AMA where they questions submitted by the community regarding ViteX’s truly decentralized exchange. If you missed the live stream, don’t worry — we posted the video here. Thank you to all those who submitted questions — we will be making an attempt to do more AMA’s in the future so keep your eye out for more!


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    • On July 24, Vite Labs hosted its second Value Coin Club event in SF. We had a great turnout with over 25 attendees from all corners of the blockchain-sphere. Thank you to our speakers:
    • Dan Schatt, CEO of Cred: Crypto Banking as a Service
      *Andrew Tu of Efrontier: Liquidity of Secondary Crypto Markets
    • Dean Patrick of Liquality: The Present & Future of Decentralized Finance

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    Kira & Luke answering tough questions from the crowd

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    • On July 23rd, Luke Kim, Vite CMO hosted a fireside chat with Kira Noodleman, partner at Bee Partners VC, where they shared life experiences & discussed Kira’s investing philosophies.


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