faulty vite coin delivery

  • Hello . I sent my vite coins to my binance account without any conversion. I think I did not make this conversion process did not reach my coins account. will this error correct? Is it correctable? vite support line did not respond to the e-mails I sent on the subject. Is there someone who can help?

  • Hi. We don't recommend users to send email to us since there are many and we can't reach you intime.
    Please join 24/24 support at Telegram t.me/vitexexchange and t.me/vite_en

    For your case, did you input memo when transferring?
    If not then please contact Binance support.

  • CS Chinyo (Binance)

    7 Oca 18:14 CST

    Dear user,

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Based on the record, your current deposit has not been credited due to the fact that you did not put the corresponding tag when you made the deposit.

    Given your situation, please provide us with a video of the withdrawal record. Please make sure the video shows your whole login process including entering the user ID and password from the sender platform, website URL, and withdrawal records such as transaction ID and date.

    The video size should not exceed 20 Mb if you wish to submit an attachment in the ticket. You can also upload your video to your private confidential drive and provide us the available link to watch or download your video. Please do not use any screen recording tools to record the video.

    Also, considering the time and effort involved in manual retrieval, we will require a processing fee of 5 VITE. The processing fee should be 5*current Withdrawal Fee of the exact token and it will be deducted directly from the current deposit funds. Please inform us whether you agree with the processing fee or not.

    Once we have received your confirmation, we will escalate to our tech team. They will help to retrieve the deposit to your Binance account within 24 hours.

    they sent such a message. what can I do

  • I have grin missing from my wallet both on the web wallet and the iOS wallet after the grin fork! What is going on with the grin fork balance not even showing up on the web wallet or iOS wallet! This address shows zero grin now vs 30 that I mined!

  • @issiah hi, please update app to the latest version, and then click on GRIN -> the 3 dot -> check -> wait till the tx appears. Please do and inform me if you still get any problem

  • I have done as you asked and still same problem. no tx comes in and now activity shows in the wallet. libwallet error. I can confirm that my funds are there, as I can see them using grin++ but they are not showing up on the grin address even on the web portal under my account either.

  • @issiah please submit a support ticket!

  • @Krystal

    sure. so how do I submit a support ticket?

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