Vite Bi-Weekly Report - April 1~April 15, 2019

  • Vite Bi-Weekly Report

    April 1 - April 15, 2019

    Recent Milestones

    • Our fan base is growing! We created new community telegram groups for our Japanese, Korean and Arabic fans. Links to these groups are found at the bottom of this article.
    • We’re looking for more community managers to help bring together other fans that currently do not have a dedicated Vite community. If you speak English and one (or more) of the languages that we do not currently support, submit an application here.
    • On April 12th, the Vite iOS 2.1.0 wallet officially opened up beta testing to all users. We now support Grin! See proof below.

    • Since we revealed the details of the ViteX economic model, we received an incredible amount of feedback from the community. We want you guys to be happy with our products, so with your help, we’re revising some of our original rules. On April 11th, we launched a community-wide vote to decide how you guys want the ViteX shared dividend pool to look. We want to hear your thoughts — vote here.
    • On April 16th, ViteX officially launched its beta version for all users to test. Check it out here and let us know what does and doesn’t work in our bug-reporting campaign!

    System Developments


    The Vite Pre-MainNet has completed joint development. Details are as follows:

    • Development of TestNet to Pre-MainNet data mapping scheme in progress.
    • Optimized data structure on-chain and account block structure, removed display reference and snapshot hash, decreased complexity of snapshot chain and user chain cross-referencing to reduce fork rate.
    • Redesigned the quota calculation method.
    • Contract chain now supports RS block; RS block is a special block combining one response and multiple requests to improve the storage efficiency of the contract chain.
    • Improved optimization of random number implementation scheme.
    • Optimized ledger storage scheme. The physical structure has been optimized and random writing has been changed to sequential writing. Multi-level storage improved query cache hit rate.
    • Optimized ledger synchronization scheme to decouple the logic of downloading and writing in order to achieve asynchronous downloads of the ledger.

    Vite Wallet App

    • iOS: Version 2.1.0 beta is now open to testing for all users. We added some new features, which include: 1) support for GRIN transactions, and 2) support for the wallet referral program. The pre-MainNet iOS SDK adaptation is 80% complete.
    • Android: Version 1.5.0 has been built and is currently under testing. Support for the referral program will be added to this version as well. The development of Version 2.0.0 is 20% complete.
    • Web: The beta version of our DEX, ViteX has been completed and is now open to testing.


    • Completed the full test to resolve any bugs and meet performance requirements prior to launching the beta test.
    • Deployed a public beta environment.
    • Performance of back-end core services of the DEX was adjusted, including real-time statistics of indicators, batch data processing, and notification of posting subscriptions. Adjustments are 60% complete.


    • Completed the SyraCoin system design.
    • Development for the iOS app has started and is 10% complete.

    Community Building

    • Winners of the Meme Campaign were announced April 1 — thank you to all that participated!

    • Winners of the Toks.Tech quiz campaign were announced April 4 — thank you to everyone that participated in this as well!


    • Vite’s CMO Luke attended the Innovation Summit at the University of Notre Dame, where he was a speaker in the Blockchain for Government Panel: Socially Meaningful Use Cases and Non-Disruptive Innovation. He presented Vite’s concept of City Coins and partnership with the City of Syracuse and received a lot of positive feedback.

    • Vite had its first campus outreach event at Berkeley — stay tuned for more to come (it’s free lunch. You can’t say no to free lunch).


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